How do you use a fan at home?

Done. Live in Houston TX, very hot and generally warm most of the year. Fans are critical here and circulate the AC air. Have ceiling fans in all main rooms, but also purchased a Dyson tall tower fan for livingroom. Like it’s portability.

Interesting survey.

I could see there being something developed for ceiling fans which already have a wireless remote. It would be a scaled down version of a thermostat with fan controls.

Do you think Li battery will make it more useful while indoors? If yes, what will be cases?


Submitted Great idea. I was looking the other day for a app for that on my smartphone.

The fan will be able to be placed anywhere without wires. This would be safer so there’s no trip hazards. The fan could also be moved quickly and easily.


For those who want battery powered fans, be aware that you are asking for something that will either be very heavy and expensive because of the battery needed, or else it would have to be very weak. If it were WiFi controlled, the battery drain would be too much.

A weak fan has to be very close to you to be of any use. And if they are close, you can simply reach them to turn on/off. And besides, there are many existing battery-powered fans for camping that are fairly low cost. So, I don’t think a fan from Wyze could be much cheaper or better than what already exists.


One item that is rare with fans is a filter. Beyond cleaning the air, this helps prevent the blades from accumulating dust (at least as quickly, depending on how good the filter is).

Barring having that, it should be easy to access the blades for cleaning.

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I am a fan fan. I have fans of many types in most rooms. A Humidistat controlled gable fan, a thermostatic controlled room-to-room fan, plus 3 cieling fans . most of these are self controlling or always-on. I would welcome a device to monitor/control/adjust/report these devices.
Go For It!

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