How do you set the Fixed Do not Disturb Time Wyze Band

I noticed on the Wyze Band you can set do not disturb to a “fixed time” anyone know where to go to set what time that is?


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In the app, there is an Edit function.

Thanks, can you please be more specific, do you mean in the Wyze band settings, of the app? If so where, I’ve gotten pretty good with setting up my wyze band aand I’ve gone through all the settings I haven’t seen where to input the fixed times for DND. thanks again

In the Wyze App, to Alarm, there is an edit function in there.

My mistake. In the Wyze Band App, in Alarm, then at the bottom of that page is Add Alarm. You can add up to 6 alarms and adjust their times.

I don’t think that is what @michaelcecere is asking about. I think he is referring to the Do Not Disturb on the Band itself. If you go to Settings>Do Not Disturb you get a choice of 4 selections.

  1. On
  2. SmartMode
  3. FixedTime
  4. Off

What he asking is how to set the time if you select Fixed Time and where? I am also curious how to do this, as well as what does SmartMode do ? There does not seem to be any corresponding sections in the Settings section on the Wzye app. I would like to know where to set times for Night Mode, which if you enable it and go back to setting page if turns back to “Off”. I was hoping this would stop the light from coming on when in bed and not turning on when I move at night. Any insight would be appreciated.

I figured it out thanks to a reply in another post CREDIT to User Tomp… Also this works for Android which is what I have
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On IOS it’s thru the app.
Band/Notifications/Allow Notifications on Band/Do Not Disturb//Fixed Time.
Allow Notifications has to be turned on to get to any of the other settings.

Ah, yes I see that now. Difference is that SmartMode starts automatically once it detects that you are asleep, whereas FixedTime you can set manually. Now just need to figure out how to set Night Mode! :grinning: