How do I share Home Monitoring?

I can easily share devices like cameras and door sensors but I am having trouble sharing my Home Monitoring interface. I want to be able to share my home monitoring tab so others can have the same functionality as I have on my app. Do they have to log in using my credentials?


This feature is still not available yet and I totally forgot so at the moment only our main accounts have access, I haven’t tried having my wife log in with my credentials but I hope that’s a loop hole until they get it situated.

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I did have my wife sign in with my credentials and she has full access now until they make that feature available.

Welcome to the Wyze community @chrismeece!
According to Wyze, Home monitoring is not currently a shareable service.
Wyze plans to support role-based Home Monitoring sharing in the future.

For now, you can share access to your cameras with people you trust in the Wyze app.

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This needs to be shareable. My husband leaves at 6 am and we have 3 teenagers that have their own work schedules. This makes no sense that they can’t log in unless it’s with my account.


This feature request needs priority. My spouse should be able to access the home monitoring control via the app just like the cameras.
Thank you


I agree, can we get this feature moved up in priority?


We set ours up last night and had this same conversation since we have varying schedules and I travel occasionally for work.

My first time posting. My family also needs shared access to arm and disarm the home monitoring. I’m now getting the scolded by my wife because I didn’t know this wasn’t available when we dumped our old Vivint system.

I agree completely. There are 4 of us at the same home. All have schedules that change throughout the week, thus we leave and return at different times.

So, we all have to share the same Wyze account.

The really weird thing is that if Home Monitoring is armed by one of us on their phone, none of the others can tell if it’s armed when they return home. The iPhone app just says whatever was previously shown on the app on that specific iPhone. That really makes it confusing. Is it armed or not when we come home? The work around is to arm the monitor regardless of what the app says, and then to disarm the monitor.

It’s hard to imagine how Wyze missed this! Surely most people have multi-member homes.