How do I setup geofencing?



Hello. I just purchased a Wyze Cam v2 (Firmware and iOS App (1.5.52). Is there a way to setup Gefencing? I don’t want to be plagued by alerts unless I’m away from home. And even then, I would like to have the option to “pause” those alerts if I get too many false triggers (ie - family staying over)


I’ve added your request to add geofencing natively within the Wyze app to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

In the mean time, this can be accomplished with IFTTT. A little search of the forum will reveal instructions.

To pause and un-pause alerts, I’d suggest you create shortcut buttons at the top of the Devices page of the app. On to turn off alerts and one to turn on. Or alternatively, one to turn off notifications and one to turn on (leaving the alert clips being recorded). Search “shortcut” or “task” in the Support link at the top of this page for instructions.