How do I disarm wyze sense motion sensor?

Maybe I’m missing something…does anyone know of any motion sensor that you can actually turn off? All of the ones I’ve seen are always on and you schedule actions according to your needs. I’m pretty sure the hardware in the sensors is not that sophisticated as they’d require an always on connection to the hub so that you could turn the sensing on and off.

The motion sensor will always be on, in ‘disarm’ mode it will just not trigger an alarm, I have never seen a motion sensor that turns off


The sensors do not have a physical or software on/off switch, you simply turn off notifications as @Jason21271 is indicating. I have had a few Motion and contact Sensors, none of them have had an ability to turn them off. You could only turn off the Alerts.

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Does anyone know ‘when’ WYZE will have a new supply of motion sensors? Mine died after 2 yrs of use. (probably wrong place to post this but couldn’t find correct location per support suggestion). Thx

Totally agree with you. Just set up the system today and migrated over from Simplisafe. I just assumed when the system is disarmed, it would stop everything including the motion sensor. Yes, I did turn off notification because I was being bombarded, but I still would prefer it not wasting my battery every time someone moves around. Doesn’t make “sense” to me at all. Having to turn the sensor around sounds rediculous to me.

At least have the option of disabling notifications automatically when the system is disarmed. Then re-enable when the system is armed.