How do I change a camera's wifi network in the app?

How do I change the wifi network on the app? I have pressed the setup button on the camera but don’t know where to go from there…I don’t see an option on the app??

In the app you go to the 3 dot menu and select “Add a Product”

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You have to setup the camera from scratch. You can’t adjust the wifi information once it is setup, unless you re set it up by the “add a product” like stated above.


Then, why did two of my cams change networks on their own? I have an ATT hardwired and WiFi network that feeds the house, then a different network name for the Mesh network that provides the WiFi. The cams were all set up on the Mesh WiFi network. But, two of 5 switched themselves over the the ATT network, which means the app could no longer control them?? Annoying!