How do I attach the outdoor cam to a different base station?


I bought two of the outdoor camera bundles, but initially only set up one base station. It’s near the back of the house, and the camera I mounted in back has a three-bar signal. The camera in front shows a zero-bar signal, although it’s still working. I’ve also noticed the front camera (with the weak signal) is draining the batter faster - not sure if the two are related or not.

Anyway, I’m thinking about setting up the second base and having one for the front of the house and one for the back, but I haven’t been able to find any information on assigning a camera to a different base station.

Can someone provide the steps for doing that? Thanks for your help!

What did you try?

I haven’t tried anything yet. The camera I need to change is almost 20 feet off the ground and I’m not overly found of heights. I’m hoping there is a way to do this without physically accessing the camera. I’m afraid if I do something wrong I’ll have to, so I’m hoping someone can tell me the correct steps before I try.


We were told in the test group that if you press the sync button on both the cam and basestation, it will automatically reassign.

Personally, I’ve changed from one base to another by just going through the steps to add a new cam and just assigning to the other base. Using the sync button makes it real easy. Either way you’ll have to access the cam.

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How about move the base (currently in back) that is assigned to the camera that’s 20 feet up (in the front of the house) to the front of the house and use the other base with the back of the house camera?

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That’s my “Plan B”. It’s up a ways, but not as high as the one in front.

I was really hoping there was a way to assign a camera to a different base through the app - doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult (but what do I know).

If I’m happy with the two cameras, I plan to add more in the future. I’ve also thought about using them inside. The battery feature would make them ideal to stick on a shelf or somewhere that does not have an outlet nearby. I can see moving cameras between bases as I get more, and a simple way to do that would be nice!

For now I’ll just take down the back camera and re-sync it. Thanks to everyone for the replies!


I’m replying to this older thread as it is the only post I found that suggested anything close to a procedure for doing this.

Following the lead by Ken.S, (thanks!) I discovered there is a bit of a nuance to initiating this from the base station which I feel is still easier than reconfiguring through the app (and assuming that will also work).

To change base stations I had to:

  1. First tap the sync button on the bottom of the WCO twice but you may have to do it a few times as enabling travel mode is also triggered by a double tap. So the sequence I observed/heard (as announced by the cam) is: Travel mode enabled → Travel mode disabled → Pairing.

At that point, the WCO’s status light will be flashing blue/yellow.

  1. Immediate press the sync (long button) on the side of the base station once to initiate the sync. Pushing it twice tells the base station to initiate travel mode for all attached cameras and the process will likely end up failing/timing out. So just push sync once and wait for the WCO to announce it has been paired.

Then you can go into the app, click on the base station in question and confirm the camera has been re-paired to it successfully.

Hopely this post will prove helpful to someone looking for this information in the future. Or better yet, WYZE Brenda or someone on the support team will confirm the process and add an FAQ item to the WCO FAQ list.

Yeah, I misread the part about pressing the sync button 2x, it’s only once on each device. I’ll edit my post.

I can’t get the outdoor cam to start the pairing. I press the sync button, it flashes orange a few times and nothing. Switched off the cam and back on. It flashes blue a few times then nothing. Pressed the sync button on bottom of cam. It flashes orange a few times and nothing. Can any one help.