How can we view Wyze Cam on a Mac or TV?

Can’t we use a TV or Mac as a monitor for single or multiview?

I’m sure others can provide more info & examples, but … I’ve linked my six V2 cams (Wyze Home) to Google Assistant and cast individual live streams to a Chromecast dongle plugged into my Sony Bravia TV. Takes about 30 secs for connection to stabilize, the stream terminates after about 15 mins (by design), but otherwise works reasonably well. Still hoping for HomeKit support in the future for my iDevices, if not for the V2, then maybe for future products (Outdoor Cam, V3, etc.).

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Not only does wyze not support HomeKit, but they don’t even support Airplay 2 either. This feature could easily be added to the app, not sure what their reasoning is for not doing so. There might be third party apps that will act as a bridge for you to allow streaming from your iPhone to your TV. You might be able to use the Apple HDMI adapter also. I will test this when I’m at work later on.

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I have verified that the the Apple HDMI adapter does work. Anything that you see on your iPad and/or iPhone will show up on the TV. The same results should also be seen by using the Apple TV, only it will be a wireless connection.