How can we use the Wyze app sunrise/sunset triggers with rules?

I just upgraded one device to app v2.22.21 (too many 2’s :slight_smile: )
Still can’t find sunrise/sunset settings in Rules.
@StopICU33 - could you tell us who the lead @Wyze is on the sunrise/sunset settings ?
And who do I talk to to get back in Beta?

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I’ll see if I can find something out for you. Once you join the Beta program it shouldn’t change unless you leave willingly. I know sometimes they pull Beta firmware versions if there is an issue or bug that is causing problems.

The new Rules engine is still in the works. We saw some issues with it so we paused the rollout before it was sent to everyone.

I’ll check to make sure that the most recent beta app was sent to everyone. We don’t do a 100% rollout at first because then we can’t stop a release if it has a problem.

We aren’t removing you from beta unless you’ve been inactive (not using the beta builds) and we need to free up space for new testers. Doesn’t sound like that would be the case here. :slight_smile:


I have received word that the beta should be fully rolled out. I’m sorry, I don’t know why you wouldn’t have it yet. :sweat_smile:


Fwiw, I saw some others on the Facebook beta group with issues getting the android beta. Not sure how they resolved it since I’m on iOS and iOS betas come through TestFlight.

Thx for update.

There is no more Beta at this time. They just released 2.22.21 for both iOS and Android. My phones Beta Designation changed when I installed the latest release. I came from the Beta Release of 2.22.16.

BTW: I had to remove test flight to get the latest release on iOS. Not sure why it did not chnage.

Well I’ve been bounced back into Beta but still no sunrise/sunset.

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ya, just got the latest beta app today and super disappointed. Thankfully alexa has been doing ok, but I’d rather not rely on it.

I received update 2.24.23 for Android which mentioned that sunrise/sunset was available in rules but I don’t see that option. Any info or screenshots?

here is an update from Wyze

and here is an image of the Sunrise / Sunset settings. When you create a rule and set a time coinstraint you will see the following when setting the time:

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My screen doesn’t look like that, just the time selection. I see now there is some kind of staggered action on the release? Confusing!!

Yes, access is being rolled out slowly over the next 2 weeks as they test it.

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Ok, it’s two weeks. Where is the change? Or do you have an update?