How can we use the Wyze app sunrise/sunset triggers with rules?

Like the subject states.
I’d like to use the Wyze app sunrise/sunset (under Account–>Home) to fire off my V3.

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I was informed that this will be a later release for rules and may tie to HMS first. Not sure as I have not received my HMS and cannot use Sunrise and Sunset yet.

However, If you find out a way, please share. :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize it was there. Over a year beta testing left me with testing fatigue and frustration over the product release while so many functions were still either flaky or not yet available. Anyway, I don’t think they made a big deal over this since there seems to be no way to actually implement it within rules. I actually only want an on at sunset and off at my desired time. Hopefully they fully implement it in a flexible way.