How can I find the MAC Address?



Hi I received my V2 today,

I live in a complex where the only option is community Wifi(Cox Bulk Accounts)

I have to connect my Printer, lights, speakers to the network with MAC address, NO password is available to setup on the app

I Cant find it for this camera anywhere on the packaging or manual

Any idea? help please


only place I know that has MAC address is within the camera settings…which you can’t access until you connect device.

hopefully someone from Wyzecam can help




You could set the camera up on some other 2.4GHz wifi temporarily be able to retrieve the MAC address from within the app. Do you give the MAC address to the network and then the network lets the device join as if it were an open wifi? That may work. If it takes some special interaction from the device (camera) though, it’s not going to work since there’s no way to change how the camera connects. Also, the wifi has to be 2.4GHz.

One solution may be to use a wifi router that supports WISP mode as a bridge. One example:


Did you look on the bottom of the camera? Mine is printed on the label on the base.