How about a Windows/Mac Wyze cam desktop app?



This would be very useful, is it in the works?


No, there are no plans for a desktop app. You can simulate that by running the Wyze app in an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox.


Where does the request sit in the tracker?


It’s right near the top. But being popular doesn’t necessarily mean Wyze is going to implement it.


I appreciate the reply, RickO - and your efforts out here on the forum.

“being popular doesn’t necessarily mean Wyze is going to implement it”

Let’s just let the gravity of that statement sink in for a minute… :slight_smile:

BTW - I’m really not trying to be a jerk, though I certainly can see where my last two replies on this topic seem at odds with that claim. I’m just really surprised. Building a secure app really isn’t that hard if it is well thought out. And silently ignoring a repeated request from a majority of your vocal supporters seems like it’s maybe not a great path.

I guess since there is no recurring revenue model for Wyze, it doesn’t really impact the business model to sell these cameras and then have a group of users just flash it with OpenIPC to get this functionality. I can follow that logic. Just wish it weren’t so.

Have a great one-



I am not privy to the reasons why they are not developing a web app. All I can suggest is that you write to them about it. You might also want to post on social media, especially in their FB groups. You are much more likely to get a response from a Wyze employee there than you are here.


OK, I’m new here, thanks for your reply. I’ll take your suggestion and take it to someone who actually works for WYZE, maybe they can help.


Fair enough. Thanks for the reply and for moderating out here.



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