Hot water recirculator

Put a wyze plug on my Watts hot water recirculator

Set Watts to “on” (bypassing its mechanical timer)

Use the wyze plug to set the on and off schedule from phone.

I use this on a remote property: on when it’s below freezing or we are visiting the property. Saved the pipes this year.


Howdy @rwburnett My house is built on a concrete slab and the master bath is on the opposite end of the house from the water heater. The hot water recirculation pump is controlled by a wall switch in the master bath.

I’ve taken your idea one step further. By putting the recirculation pump on a Wyze smart plug and by adding a Wyze motion sensor in the master bath, I created a rule to turn on the pump when the sensor detects motion. Another rule turns off the pump after running for five minutes.


I tried this a while back (with another plug & motion sensor). The hot water was running so long the cold water line became excessively hot. So keep enter out for that.

I gave up on it. But maybe it would work if I found a way to stop it from running more than once an hour.

Hi Brian. My situation is a bit different. The house is 25 years old and fortunately the people who designed the house included a dedicated hot water return pipe.

It would be nice to have a timer on the rules. So you can run it for like 3-5 minutes each time, instead of keeping it on all the time.

Also, which hot water recirculation did you end up getting and from where? I was thinking of installing one.

Hi Aaron, Years ago I installed a Grundfos pump with an integrated timer that used the cold water pipe as the return line. A special temperature valve below the most distant sink made this possible. I gave up on this arrangement because the cold water line was hot.

I reused this pump on our current house but didn’t use the diverter value. I replaced old water lines with pex (insulated) and added a dedicated return line to circulate hot water. Note: this required two check valves to keep the flow going in the proper direction.
I could set the timer pins on the pump but I prefer to control the pump only when needed. So I added a smart switch controlled by Alexa. “Pump on” or “Pump off” 4 minutes of run time gives me hot water by the time 2 cups of water has passed. Sometimes I’ll forget to turn off the pump.

Next, I’ve played with the timer feature on the smart plug but haven’t found a solution to have the pump turn off after 5 minutes by default. Have you figured out a way to do this?

Grundfos pump: UP15-10SU7P/TLC

I have a Grundfos as well, and use a motion sensor to tell Alexa to turn the pump on, and then time it for 5 minutes then off. It works amazing. I do have check valves installed at the cold water feed line to the water heater, and I have bypassed the old-school timer and temperature switches built into the pump and wiring.