Horrible sound quality on wyze cam 3

the sound on my 2 wyze cams 3 is horrible, I cannot hear anything except an annoying background continuous noise.


I just noted the background continuous noise yesterday. I normally keep my cameras without sound, but I am monitoring some remodeling and I noticed the noise while showing someone the status of the remodeling.
The sound quality for conversations is not bad, but the background noise is noticeable and annoying.

I hadn’t noticed that but then all my cameras are outside so I thought I was just getting a lot of wind noise. But you’re right it seems like mostly static. I currently have two cameras on my garage. a V3 on the left and a WCO on the right. Based on your question I compared the sound from the live feed on these two. I could clearly hear a neighbor’s dog on the WCO but could only hear it very faintly on the V3. That’s too bad because I like the better video quality on the V3s.

You’re correct. None of these cameras have functional audio and should never have been marketed as being capable of recording anything but video. I thought my first V3 was defective. I contacted support, jumped through their hoops and they ended up sending me another. It has the same problem. Garbled audio and constant static. If you put your ear up to the back of the camera there is an audible buzzing coming from the components which the microphone picks up. Apparently no one thought to remedy this during product development. I’m under the impression the V2 and Pan had the same problem but they decided to go with the same components/design in the V3 anyway. Most people use these outdoors and aren’t concerned with audio so I guess they can sell enough without having to remedy, or even acknowledge the problem.