Honest Headphones Review

Wyze Headphones


  1. Transparency/Noise Cancellation works as described
  2. Double tap for Voice Assistant works as described (I use Siri) although there is a 1-2 second delay after tapping.
  3. Quick conversation mode (cupping the right ear cup) works as described
  4. Included storage bag is made of good material and has two inner pockets for charger and stereo cable.
  5. Battery life seems good. Been using if for over an hour and only lost 10% battery.


  1. When outside if walking into a slight breeze/wind you will hear a whooshing sound. It’s tolerable with noise canceling on. With transparency mode on it was if the wind was blowing right in the ear cup.
  2. Button controls of volume/stop/play work but I kept hitting the power/Bluetooth button instead. Placement could be better.
  3. Sound is of a $50 pair of headphones. These are nowhere near the sound of Beats Studio Headphones or any Bose QC3 headphones.
  4. The auto pause function only works when taking the headphones off your head moving forward and tilting them 45°. When placing on the back of the neck like 95% of people will do, they do not auto pause. Tried over 50 times to no avail.
  5. Lack of different options for touch control for Cover and Double tap. Only the right side of headphones work for this. (Think accessibility)

Sum it up, these are headphones that sound like $50 headphones. If you like mediocre sounding headphones at an entry price to over ear headphones these will do the trick.
Overall they are not bad, I may be returning because of the wind noise alone because I plan to use these outside mostly when walking my dog.


Have to agree with most of what you say here, except auto pause seems to work on mine (maybe firmware update?). The power button location is definitely very annoying.

I have a pair of Bose QC3 headphones, which I also agree sound WAY better, but I can’t wear them for longer than a few minutes as they make me feel nauseous! Weirdest thing. The Wyze headphones don’t make me feel sick, so I’ve been wearing them for long periods while working from home. They block the annoyingly pervasive leaf blowers in my neighborhood very well!

Fascinating - thanks for sharing. Reminds me of how some get headaches or motion sickness trying to read in a moving car.

Appreciate you sharing your impressions.

I have the Sony headphones that look like these (flat cups that have touch swiping control). Forgot what the model number is, but they’re also 4x or 5x more expensive. I had hoped these would compete with the Sony, mainly for sound but also features, etc.

While I bought these to try out for the price, I’d say I got my money’s worth. To your point, yes if I wanted better sound quality the Sonys are better. For me, for the price difference, Wyze created a worthy contender for value.

I wonder if the sound and/or noise cancellation can be tweaked in the future with some kind of firmware update.

Does anyone else feel weird when the noise cancellation is on?

Agree with your points
The wind noise is truly awful when in transparency mode.
The power button is very irritating as a single quick press powers them down. Recommend firmware update requiring long press or double-click to power on or off.
Sound is ok.
Noise cancelling is ok; about on par with other non-reknown-name brands

The wind noise issue may also cause me to return these as outdoors will be much of my use case.

It’s a small thing, but wasn’t excited that early adopters were charged $50 plus shipping then before mine arrived, sale of $10 off second pair and free shipping was advertised… guess that’s the pain of being an early adopter :man_shrugging::scream::flushed::rofl::rofl::rofl:

the Mic is junk.

I own the Sony XM3 and while those are top tier I was still expecting just a little more from these $50 headphones. I’m still very much on the fence with returning them. I want to like them and possibly have them as my workshop or yard work headphones.

Will bluetooth audio still function if the audio cable is connected?

As suspected, if the air vent in an airplane is blowing a lot of air and pointed at you, the internal wind noise is just like being outside… in a hurricane. Sigh.