Homekit running thanks to RTSP

Hi I have my V2 running on a Pi Zero W with these settings:

“name”: “Camera ffmpeg”,
“cameras”: [
“name”: “wyzecam”,
“videoConfig”: {
“source”: “-rtsp_transport tcp -re -i rtsp://username:password@192.168.XX.XX//live”,
“maxFPS”: 10,
“maxWidth”: 640,
“maxHeight”: 360,
“packetSize”: 752,
“maxStreams”: 2,
“vcodec”: “h264_omx”,
“acodec”: “libopus”,
“audio”: true

The hard part is compiling/installing FFmpeg for the plug-in the Homebridge install.
I also set the Pi Zero GPU to 128MB (default is 64MB)
I get about 1 fps…

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Thanks so much @computerwhizdd for the document you created with such thorough instructions! Thrilled to have the Wyze cam in HomeKit. I really like the HomeCam app too on the Apple Watch!

Although this does kinda work no one mentions the URL for the JPEG snapshots can we add this ?

Any chance you would be willing to share me your security spy setup screen?
I’ve been trying all night and can’t get my camera to show on security spy…
Any help would be appreciated!

I second that … SecuritySpy is THE obvious OS X solution here.

Hi there I know this topic is old but I am having issue with getting my v2 cams in Home app. So far my jsonConfig is : https://imgur.com/OhtsQ0X

Front view shows in Home app but not Top view (no response with camera icon crossed and grayed).

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@computerwhizdd I recently installed HOOBS 3.1.26 on a Pi4 and have even successfully gotten 1 of my v2 cameras in Homekit using the camera-ffmpeg plugin. I can see the feeds with minimal delay. My question to you (and anyone) is how can I get the camera’s motion detector to trigger automations in HK? I have researched and have motion: true in my config like I have seen online. This is a great thread and I appreciate and assistance in advance.