HomeKit Integration


"... there is just no update or timeline on

which ones are working out or being added."

Are you guys looking to hire a Project Manager…?


+1 for HomeKit support


+1 for homekit. Will buy at least 4 more if support is added.


I also will expand my WyzeCam collection when HomeKit support is added


Amen … and amen.


HomeKit please. I am currently looking to replace my current HomeKit cams (Logitech circle 2). I would love if Wyze supported HomeKit, especially since HomeKit no longer requires hardware to be HomeKit compatible. I would fit my whole house with wyze cams.


+1 for Apple Homekit. I know a ton of people who have a need for these devices that Apple Homekit would make it even simpler to use. I have 6, but would buy more if integrated.


+1 for Apple HomeKit Support.


Up vote from me on home kit. Just got two Pan cams and they don’t easily work even with homebridge. Please add Homekit soon, I will be purchasing more also if Homekit is available.


Please add homekit. Would be fantastic and I would buy 5 more wyze cams right away.


When? when? when is Homekit going to be available??


Please yes add Apple Homekit! I will buy 5 more when Homekit is available!


+1 for apple Homekit!


+1 for apple Homekit integration

  • 1 for HomeKit please. Currently own 4. I will add some

to my businesses when you do.


+1 for Homekit for me too. I currently have 1 as a PoC but its usefulness is limited with just the Wyze app.


+5 for HomeKit integration. I will replace 5 of my current security cameras if this is available.


Yep would like HomeKit here too!


+1 for Homekit integration.

This would financially benefit Wyze as well, since I would be able to set up my homekit geofencing integration preventing Wyzecam from uploading unintended notifications to Wyze’s servers :slight_smile: Right now a lot of videos are stored/uploaded to their servers that are unnecessary.


Would love this. I have tried Homebridge but much rather have a native support. I have 7 cameras a mix of V2 and Pan and absolutely love it.
Maybe Open motion data first so that certain tasks like Turing in the Lights or setting up a scene can be performed. The actual video integration can come along later. That way you don’t have to push all integrations at the same time.