Home Monitoring Support for Multiple Locations/Addresses

It would be nice to be able to have multiple addresses. Eg second home.

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Absolutely agree - I have three locations that I want to monitor, but it looks like I would need 3 separate phones in order to do that. This is a MUST!

They said they are working on allowing this in the future.

For now while we wait, if it’s time critical you can probably just create a separate Wyze account and switch between them, or separate Android user accounts you can switch between on the same phone.

At the very least, the alarm will still go off and Noonlight can still alert your phone off any potential issues.

Granted, that’s not an ideal solution, especially for an annual subscription… What if Wyze starts allowing 2 on the same account within the year and you want to move it over to the main account? Also, does the HMS voucher expire like other vouchers have, and if so, will it expire before 2+ systems on the same account is possible? Will people lose money from this? Should everyone return the extra systems they bought and wait until it’s officially supported to have multiple or will Wyze extend the voucher time for all those people (which I assume is the case)?

We do know they said they will make this available. Hopefully it is soon. A lot of things related to it are in place already (being able to assign things to a specific home, testing out a new rules engine, etc), so I expect it will be at least another 2 months before this is possible… But I am just guessing based on some related things recently getting tested.

Add a second location on one account for Home and Office or a second home.