Home Monitoring / Sense hub Siren Volume

I just setup Home Monitoring last night and ran an alarm test this morning. I found the volume of the Siren to be very quiet. I have the volume on the Hub set to High and I think the Arming/Warning chime is significantly louder than the actual alarm. Since it’s just using a speaker instead of a Piezo, I’m not expecting ear piercing volume, but it should at least be louder than the warning chime. Any way to adjust?

As a feature request, I’d love to see an add-on “super loud” siren.

In for the same. I bought the system to be a deterrent more so than for an actual emergency (where I WILL call 911). We live in a great area but recently we had our neighbor experience a theft, it wasn’t a break-in, per se. Someone got into their garage.

Anyhow, I wanted to make it so that when I set this thing and it triggers, you can hear it at least outside and as it is, that’s a big no. I had Simplisafe for a while and one thing they have that is quite useful is a 120db wireless siren addon device and that was quite possibly the loudest thing I have ever heard…it was, quite sufficient.

Would like something similar for this.

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I too believe additional sirens are necessary for this to be a deterrent.

My hub is on the second floor and is very weak to even hear at the back door

The ability to trigger sirens on v3 cams is a no brainer. They aren’t louder but at least they’d draw attention from the outside cams and deliver additional stress to anyone inside via the interior cams.

Also, I think the keypads should deliver the countdown chime. We are kind of being put in the position of choosing a single location for two functions. I want to be able to hear the countdown from the entry points but I want intruders to hear the siren from within the house.

And jeez…come up with a less annoying countdown, along with a secondary “doubletime” component that signifies the last 10 or so seconds.