Home Monitoring Sense Hub & Keypad - Chime when Doors/Windows are opened

It would be nice if the Sense Hub, made a noise when one of the sensors associated with the sense hub was opened.

I have 3 smaller kids, and are able to unlock and open doors on their own, we had an old ADT alarm system that would chime or talk when the doors were opened. It would be nice to have this feature here, but obviously one that could be turned off, since not everyone needs or wants this.

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Great idea @klines147!
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I agree this is kind of a deal breaker for me with the security system. I really hope they add it real soon or I’m going to have to switch alarm systems.


Great idea klines147! :+1: Also, since we’re limited to only one hub but multiple keypads, it would be nice if the keypad(s) chimed in addition to the hub chime for those of us with large multi-story homes with a keypad on each floor.


The doorbell chime could also be used to do this. There could be separate tones for a doorbell push and a door opening.


Would love this feature. Will have to consider a different system once we move if this feature is not added.


I thought this is a basic feature. Seems wyze dont support this :smirk:


Would definitely want this added, Like mentioned above this should be an essential feature on any alarm system!


I really expected this basic feature to be a part of the alarm system. This makes disappointment #3 and I’ve only had the system for 2 days.


Agree that this would be a great feature, and is one which most other alarm systems already have. Would be good to be able to control which sensors cause a chime, and better yet, assign different chimes to different sensors.

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A pretty standard feature on security systems is the option to have a door open chime/alert sound whenever someone opens a door. This is something I was really hoping to see with Wyze Home Monitoring and Sense V2. When you have small children in the house, it can be an invaluable tool to have.

I attempted to set up a workaround using an Alexa routine, but the sense V2 contact sensors will not trigger an Alexa routine no matter what I try.


Wow, that’s bad: I use Alexa routines triggered off my V1 sensors, and was assuming V2 would be compatible. Wyze, please add this to your punch list too!


I guess the work around is to have notifications turned on so that your phone chimes when the door is opened. I also get these notifications on my apple watch. I still would like my keypad or hub to chime when a door is opened.

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My Alexa routine is also not working to alert when a door is opened

Yeah, that’s exactly what I was wanting it to do too. Hope it gets fixed.

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I preordered the Home Monitoring Kit, and the setup was a breeze. However, there is one function missing that’s driving me crazy, there’s no “chirp” option for when the system is disarmed, but you still want to know when a door is opened.

I have 3 small children in the house, and it’s not always possible to hear when a door is opened, but we can hear the “chirp” (3 short beeps) of the alarm system when a door is opened. Please add this option!


Please add audible voice announcement to Wyze Sense Hub when door is opened. My previous Alarm system could speak what door has been opened (ex: “Front Door Open” etc…). This has proved helpful to know when kids come and go, or if you are not expecting a door to be opened.


My existing alarm system will give you an audible alert when someone opens a door or window. Even when not armed. I am hoping an update will have this function.


To clarify… the user’s phone already provides audible notification for each triggered sensor. Is this Wishlist item to have the Hub and Keypad also provide alerts?


Yes to have the Hub or Keypad also provide alerts. thanks