Home Monitoring Option to turn off entry delay individually for each sensor

IMHO, this the lack of this option is a deal breaker for being called a “Professional” Home Security System. ALL home security systems that I’ve investigated have this feature and here is the reason why:

Currently, the HMS only provide an all or nothing approach to entry delay (all sensors get set to zero delay or 30 sec or 45 sec or …). This is not good because if the system is set to HOME and someone opens a window, they have the full time of the Exit Delay to possibly get to you before you are alerted and an alarm is sounded/sent. This is really unacceptable. Even in AWAY mode, there should only be a delay to turn off your alarm for 1 or 2 doors you may be coming in on. Other windows and door should have an IMMEDIATE alarm occur since you will never yourself be coming in those other avenues of entrance. Same with the Motion Sensor when in AWAY mode - that should (optionally) trip the alarm immediately if that sensor is in an area without normal movement.

Seems like a simple addition to add a “Entrance Delay” option to each sensor’s Settings Page. I believe this is one of many requirements Wyze will need to become UL listed as an approved security system.

I agree that the ability to make specific entry sensors alarm immediatly instead of a 30 or 45 second delay would be a lot safer. I would like to do this on my windows and patio door entry sensors but have my front door entrance entry sensor set on the delay to allow me to come in and disarm. The other thing that would help here is a keyfob arm, disarm option.

be sure to vote if you would like to see this addition!

@TextMan , you can also vote. So far I am the only voter. Once the wishlist item is send and then approved, the requestor has the ability to vote in their own topic, it’s not an auto vote for you.