Home Monitoring- No arming with (selected) open sensors

Hello. I have been using the home monitoring system for a week or so now and have a recommendation. It would be great if there was an option to toggle certain sensors that would not let you arm the system if they are left open. For example, I never want to have my system armed if I forgot to close by back door all the way.

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there is also an item on the wishlist that is similiar to your request which would give you an alert if you are trying to arm with an open sensor. It should show up a red dot next to your open sensor under “on duty items” when you try to arm with an open sensor on your app. However, if you are arming with the keypad like I would think most people do, you wouldn’t know if something is open.


This is an important wishlist item. It is honestly baffling that the system can arm with any sensor in an open position. Hope to see this addressed in the near future.

This is pretty standard with other alarm companies. Some people want to leave windows open for fresh air and so the system usually just ignores. But I agree that doors are another story as u wouldn’t want to leave those open.

One of the problems implementing this would be that the Wyze system doesn’t differentiate between doors and windows. They are all just “entry sensors.”

The HMS needs the ability to warn the user that a protected door or window is open when attempting to arm the system to Home or Away mode.
Problem: I came home the other day to my house with the HMS armed to Away. Before disarming the system, I noticed that my back garage door (which has a sensor) was wide open. My wife had armed the system before leaving but because the HMS did not warn her that a door she could not see was open, she left the house vulnerable to entry!

The HMS needs to warn you when you attempt to arm the system and a sensor is open. Every other security system I have owned will not let you arm it unless you have all the sensors closed - or you can manually bypass those open sensors and then you can arm it.

Here is how it could work… When you attempt to arm the HMS either from the keypad or the app when a sensor is open, the system would sound an “error” tone and say “sensor open, please close or bypass” (or pop up the message in the app). Then the user must either correct the issue or go into the app, find the sensor and select a one-time use toggle (it gets reset when the sensor is closed) to bypass the window or door sensor.

The HMS needs to quickly implement this critical feature so that people don’t inadvertantly leave their houses open to entry or burglary.