Home Monitoring Necessity -Cellular Connection

Currently I see that your home monitoring system only uses a Wi-Fi signal to contact emergency services. I would like to state that the only way I would sign up for home monitoring and purchase the products from Wise would be if you were to integrate a cell signal that is constantly connected in case power is cut or power goes out during an emergency like a break in or fire or flood. If someone were to cut the power to the house before they broke in then no emergency services would be notified using your existing home monitoring base station. Having a cell signal that has constant power / battery backup is required in a modern security system to protect against power being cut. Please consider this in a future version. I love Wyze products but I believe this is a big oversight currently in the Home Monitoring system you’re offering.

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @EYEMGREG. Thanks for your post. My current Security System operates as you describe, so I also agree with your suggestion.
Hopefully this will be something Wyze will implement in future updates. In the meantime this #wishlist category is here for this reason.
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Don’t expect Cadillac features at Hyundai prices. Wyze is all about taking existing low-cost devices and making software their value-add (cough-cough).

You can roll this on your own with a Prosumer home router and LTE modem. I did this 18 years ago to backup my VoIP monitored, hardwire alarm.


They call it home monitoring but add features of a security system. If they ever want to call it a security system then it needs this one feature, without it it’s just home monitoring ‘when available’. I love what they do with their products and they make great products for a great price so you’re right about added value products. I would pay more per month if they were to have that one feature.

Get a router with battery backup and a sim card slot for a second WAN port. Problem solved.
Example: [OpenWrt Wiki] Simple WAN Failover with 3G/LTE WWAN - Using a second router in the same LAN
However, you will soon find that it gets quite expensive to do this, which is why wyze doesn’t include it probably…

I would like cellular backup as an optional feature for the monitoring system. Ring charges $10 per month for monitoring and cellular backup. I need cellular backup as my WiFi goes down occasionally.

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From a hardware standpoint, I have a good sized battery backup for my internet equipment that will keep it going for hours in the event power is cut. However, it is possible that the internet cable could be cut and that would kill communication. So it’s only a partial solution. Meanwhile, wyze has too many other problems for me to consider trusting them with actual security - buggy firmware, failing devices (see posts about bricked/forgotten sensors), a propensity to push out beta products as retail ready, etc. We all have different needs. For me, they’re fine for casual monitoring for less demanding situations, but I won’t go whole hog into wyze until I see signs of maturity and that goes for management as well as systems.

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Cellular connection is necessary for me before I switch to Wyze Home Monitoring. Why? I have 6 Wyze cameras (4 outdoors and 2 indoors). Especially the outdoor ones are not reliable. Quite frequently, when I try to switch to view them live through my Wyze app, they fail to respond and give me a connection error. A lot of people need a high reliability (at least 4 or 5 9s availability). For now, for my family’s safety, I’ll refrain from switching and will keep on paying $25/month for an alternate service, which does have cellular backup.

Wyze, please give us the cellular option. Security must have high availability. Some of us don’t mind paying more. If you offer a cheaper alternative than the $25 option available in the market, quite a lot of us will switch

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From what I’ve seen, cellular backup is only for the device hub which handles the processing of the devices that connect to it. From my limited experience the devices connect either by wire or by a wireless protocol to the hub, not by WiFi directly to a cloud server. Wyze is completely reliant on devices, at least the cams, to directly connect to them - none of these cams will have cellular capability directly. Wyze is not a security solution, it only markets it’s self that way. But look deeper and it is a half baked security system, at least when you consider no NAS/NVR, no PC/Mac/browser access, completely reliant on WiFi and a remote cloud server for most of the functionality, no easy way to connect battery backup, etc.

In your case, you probably just need a better positioned WiFi router or a mesh system to provide better signal strength where it’s needed, assuming all the other deficiencies of the wyze system are acceptable.

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