Home Monitoring. Meh. It needs help. Please help it!

I agree. This home monitoring system could be so much better. Right now it’s a bit of a flop. I don’t understand why there is not more functionality. Like you said l, when I arm the system, I want it to turn on the cameras, or a select few of the cameras. I also want notifications to turn on when I arm the system, and when I disarm the system you can turn notifications back on. I can’t believe the keypad won’t stay lit with the status of the system. You won’t even know when it’s on or off. So stupid.

Also no notifications for door chimes, and it does not pair with Alexa. At least the old sensors I can have Alexa say “Front door open”, can’t do that with the new sensors.

I would say that it is more of a hodge-podge work in progress than a flop. They definitely needed more beta testing and/or better beta testers.