Home Monitoring Hub Requested Features Turn Off Sounds

I would like the option to turn OFF sounds from the Wyze Home Monitoring base station hub, not simply just Low.

Also, can a feature be added for voice prompts? (With independent volume control from other sounds) like “Front Door Open.”

Lastly, the countdown sounds are somewhat harsh. Could the sound itself be tweaked or a few options added to choose from?

Many thanks for this great new product!

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Home monitoring hub makes sound when changing modes. The only problem occurs when we change the mode from disarm to home. That’s when I go to bed after all family members are already asleep. Since no one will cross house boundary anymore and I want to protect my family during the night, I decided to put the security into home mode only when I go to bed.
The only problem is that it makes sudden sound when changing modes. It bothers all asleep family at night. I wish we have an option to mute the notification sound from hub when changing modes.

Setting your entry delay to 0 on home mode will result in only the hub saying “armed”, no dinging or harsh sounds…at least somewhat of a fix

I would like to be able to disable sounds, especially for the announcement the hub makes while on the battery. I live in a rural area and power outages are common and can last for days. I plan to attach the hub to a UPS but that won’t last for days and listening to the repeated message to plug-in the hub will drive me crazy. Another option would be some way to turn the hub completely off. This would be useful since during any power outage we are frequently without internet service as our ISP loses power to the transmission tower at the same time we lose power.