Home Monitoring: chimes and extra speakers?

Just set up my new system. The best spot for my hub is in a closed cabinet. That makes the sounds much quieter. Is there a way to make the alarm sound elsewhere too? Another speaker or device?

Also, can there be an open and close chime for when doors and windows do that? So the phone isn’t the sole device that does notifications? Thanks for any help!


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There has been a good deal of talk on the forums in regards to volume of the speaker when arming the HMS system.

A couple of quick thoughts… If you keep the HMS system in a cabinet, as you know, will reduce the sound of the siren if triggered. You may want to turn the delay time for the "home’ mode to zero seconds so that it’ll arm instantly without having to hear the dinging sounds… (As there is no way to control the sound volume separately.)

As far as extra external siren… That is indeed a good idea an has been proposed on the wish list… But unfortunately at this time, there isn’t an external speaker option. Although it also has been proposed that the siren from the V3 cameras act as additional siren speakers…(although currently, there is no way to activate that other than manually setting them off…(Even if you were to set a shortcut, you will still need to manually activate and turn off the camera siren…)

All good thing coming hopefully in future updates…

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I agree 100% with these features. My previous system had additional sirens/speakers that I placed around the house to make it more audible. It was handy and made sure I could hear the alarm if it was triggered. Perhaps if users have a Wyze Doorbell, that chime can be used as an additional alarm? This would dual purpose it (which I’m all for).

My wife was just asking yesterday if there was a way to reduce the notifications. Again, my previous system allowed me to enable a ‘door chime’ allowing us to know if doors/windows were opened without having to send a notification to our phones. This is handy with 3 young kids who are constantly opening doors and windows.

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I am hoping in future updates that Wyze will be able to utilize the sirens from the V3 cameras as well as the doorbell or any other type of device that has a speaker that Wyze plans on putting out…

The Wyze HMS system does not currently have the option of having a chime go off when a door or window is open yet… But you can utilize Amazon Alexa to perform an announcement if a door/window sensor is opened. (You may want to check that out… Seems to work a bit more stable with the older Wyze Sense contact sensors,…)

Also, if you havent already, you can check out the Wyze wish link and vote for the projects you want to see Wyze working on… The link is: Wishlist - Wyze Community

Wyze would it be possible for the entry countdown to come from the keypad too, until more speakers can be worked in.

My wife keeps waking me up because she forgets to disarm and can’t hear the entry countdown from the multiple door locations. I’m trying to avoid an unnecessary police visit.

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