Home Monitoring Alarm Activation with Alexa

Agree with your assessment. Cannot fault a business for trying to create new revenue streams. However… It would be nice if Waze would negotiate with Amazon to allow full integration with Alexa for those who are paying a subscription with Waze. For those who do not have a subscription with Waze, then they can upgrade their security system with Amazon. But, this is above my pay grade.


Great points…fully agree. Amazon also has to find a way to help pay for Blue Origin :wink:

This is a fair point. Bezos stated in 2017 & 2018 that he intended to fund Blue Origin with $1 Billion per year from him selling off his equity in Amazon Stock. So, if they nickel and dime people in other ways, it will sort of feel like he didn’t actually lose anything by selling off that equity compared to where he was before those policy changes.

Of course, considering he made an extra $64 Billion just between March 2020 - March 2021, in a single year he earned enough to fund Blue Origin for the next 64 years without even touching the other $100Billion+ he already had before any of that. So, I think Blue Origin is already pretty securely funded already. :slight_smile:

Still, if there is one thing a corporation (especially a mega tech corp) never learns, it’s the word “enough”…they’re built on the same parameters as a blackhole/vacuum. :slight_smile: So, yeah, if they find something people are willing to pay for, they’ll milk that till it turns sour and try to find a way to expand it and choke the competition if possible. Luckily competition often eventually wins out…at least if politicians aren’t bribed…I mean bought…er lobbied & donated to…

Honestly I am kind of surprised the major tech companies are all agreeing to support Matter…it’s almost suspicious…


I absolutely love Wyze products and those integrated with Alexa have been a live saver. I left ADT (which was armable via alexa) and that is the only thing about them I miss with the Wyze home monitoring. Being able to include arming the system with the Alexa routines like the lights and other devices would be a huge help!


Completely agree…we need this feature.

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+1 I would love this feature as well