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Mine has shipped (to arrive 4/14/21), but I haven’t received any email despite already shipping last week. I am curious if there is a pattern though. I am wondering if anyone is willing to share the following to see if we can figure out where the bug pattern is:

  1. Did you get the activation code email, or not (please reply either way)?
  2. Did you order on launch day (the first day) or later (and how much later)?
  3. Did you order the Yearly or monthly HMS subscription?
  4. Did you order just the core starter kit, or did you order extras too (more sensors, extra keypad, etc)?

Me = 1. No, 2. Launch day (I think), 3. yearly; 4 extras

@WyzeRyan I am wondering if there is a pattern, such as that people who only ordered a core starter kit got the email, but those who ordered other extra stuff, and got their order split up (like mine split up to send the core kit now and the other extras later) didn’t get flagged in the system correctly to send the email when the starter kit was split up from the rest of the order. Because my HMS subscription is still in the split order with the extra sensors, but the core kit was split out to mail it earlier than the rest of the order, so maybe the system hasn’t sent my email because the subscription was split to wait for the other sensors. That’s my theory. Some of us might just get really delayed emails that come after the rest of the order is fulfilled if it is tagged to send out when the HMS is fulfilled with the whole order.

  1. Yes (but after delivery)
    April 7 - Email received that order has shipped
    April 9 - (around midday ET) Shipment arrived at my house
    April 10 - 10am Email received that shipment arrived at my house (1 day after actual delivery)
    April 10 - 2pm Support chat rep provided activation code directly
    April 10 - 11 pm Email received with activation code
  2. Dec 11 (not sure the exact launch date)
  3. Yearly
  4. Core only
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Please send activation code for order 006827540.
Thanks, Norm

Support told me the activation code email can take up to a week after delivery, so support can’t give it to me yet. I’m not upset, this is acceptable if that’s what’s going on, but I have not seen anything about that announced anywhere, so I thought someone should mention it here.

Perhaps Wyze should post an announcement in the NEWS FROM WYZE group so fewer people are needlessly tying up support, only to be put on hold and ultimately just told to wait a week (wasting overhead and long cues).

In case it helps, my order number was: 006687260-1 for a yearly subscription.

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So I just received my home monitoring core kit but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to activate the service I got as far as it wanting me to enter some activation code but I do not have an activation code now what?

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@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeRyan

  1. I received my Starter kit almost 2 weeks ago and never got the email with the redemption code.
  2. I contact support and they told me to wait a week for the email then contact them again.
  3. After that week ended I contacted Support again and they told me my order hasn’t shipped, so I can’t get the code until my order ships and there is nothing they can do…but I DID get my Core starter kit, so part of the order definitely shipped.
  4. I contacted a third representative and they told me that they needed to switch my issue to an email support.
  5. I waited several days and heard nothing, and got no email.

All 3 reps had absolutely no idea there were issues with people not getting the HMS code email and said they’d have to go ask someone what’s going on with that.

  1. So my 6th step here is to ask you big-wigs “in-the-know” what’s going on with this. I’m not angry or anything like that, I can be patient, but clearly support is not able to handle this for whatever reason (I tried 3 times and waited several days for a 4th contact by email which hasn’t come).

Original Order # 006687260

That order was split by your system into 3 separate orders:

  1. Order #006687260-1 Is showing my Wyze Home Monitoring Annual Plan
  2. Order #006687260-2 Was my 5 V3 cams that were split from the total main order to send them to me earlier
  3. Order # 006896276 Has my Core Starter Kit which was split off from the rest of the order, though I can only guess it was either to send it to me sooner, or because it had to be done that way since I ordered the yearly subscription and it needed a separate order to give the starter kit free for whatever reason.

How do I get the redemption code? Is it going to be emailed to me when the rest of my order ships? Is that what the hold up is? I was under the impression that we were supposed to get it when we got the Core Starter Kit. If I have to wait another couple of weeks because it’s waiting until I get the rest of the sensors, then that is fine. I am guessing that is the mostly likely reason for some of us not getting the email (it’s waiting on the entire order fulfillment first). I am just checking since I was previously under the impression I should’ve received it with the starter kit, and I did not, and Support is confused and gave me the run around multiple times. :slight_smile: Thanks for your time.

(Maybe one of the mods could make sure to flag this to Wyze’s attention?)

I have not received an activation code for the year of monitoring that I paid for. The core starter kit already arrived. How do I get the activation code?? Help please! Order # 008675391

EDIT UPDATE: WyzeRyan got the following glitch all corrected (It was a beta app only glitch specific to a test version that they have corrected now, so the following glitch won’t confuse anyone in the future who activates the hardware without having the subscription).

I would like to add the following. So I still haven’t gotten my activation code nor activated the HMS, but I am now seeing the following on my account:


It says I have the HMS now, and am paying for it monthly (I bought an annual subscription), but I really don’t have it yet. So I click on that, and get this:

So it shows everything as empty, but tells me I have to pay again on 12/10/21…but the previous screen said I had a monthly subscription…a MONTHLY subscription that pays again in December?

I went to check if it’s actually active, and when I click on the Monitoring tab, it indicates it’s empty:

It’s just a little weird that it implies I have the service and that it renews in December, even though I haven’t activated any of it yet…I’m still waiting to get my code. And I definitely don’t have the service yet. Thought someone should know though this appears to be some kind of glitch.

Same thing here and no activation code still. @WyzeRyan can you help with activation code for order # 006895028

Hi carverofchoice, sorry for delayed reply. I will follow up with your case to make sure you receive the code. And thanks for reporting the glitch. We will investigate.


@superchi @bejawe @xjosephjonesx @nharoon Sorry for your experience.

Could you try contacting our support team for the help? They are capable to send you the code if you got the kit but haven’t received the activation code.

Thank you.


Awesome, got my code through customer service contacting me by email now. Everything is now set up and working fine. :slight_smile:


Same here, I searched spam and trash, and am certain I got no activation code for order #007239899.

Very frustrating, since I had changed my schedule so I could set the system up this (Sunday) morning.

Wyze folks, please send me the code!

I received my home monitoring system a week ago and I am still waiting for an email with my activation code. The status of my order still shows as pending even though I got it a week ago. I spent a half hour on chat trying to get an activation code, but now it has been converted to an email reply. Why is it such a big problem to get an activation code. This is ridiculous.
Still waiting for my code🤨

@cjs16r Did you receive a support ticket number with this email? If so, please post the number so we can get this escalated for you.

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Thank you. Sending it over now.

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Results are very inconsistent. I received an email saying my HMS stuff was shipping and the email with the activation code on the same day. Activated HMS service but still waiting for my starter kit.

What is your definition of now?

Immediately :wink:

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