Home Monitoring - 403 Forbidden Error

I just received my Home Monitoring Bundle today, when I click the link from the email to set it up, I log in and it redirects me to a blank page that says “403 Forbidden” at the top. Wondering if anyone has run into anything similar and/or figured out how to fix. Thanks!

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Sounds like the login failed and the requested page is denied because credentials / login failed for some reason. Maybe a temporary condition in which case try again.

I am having the same issue as well. 403 Forbidden at the top of a blank page.

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My next guess would be that after a user is validated the URL to which the user is Redirected is incorrect, resulting in a request for a page that requires validation. The webmaster probably screwed up.

I was able to finally get it to go through. I used chrome instead of safari. I hope that helps!

Yeah switching browsers is a good idea because Chrome and most other browsers will aggressively cache pages so that they don’t really make a second or third request and it’s not really apparent to the end user.

I tried safari and chrome, I’m about to download firefox just to see if that will work

Is this a Noonlight URL? From what I recall their web sites are complete crap. I wouldn’t trust that company to alert me to a sale at Macy’s.

An emergency Internet service that can’t figure out how to serve a web page.

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Hey, folks. Sorry to hear about this and I’ll send it up the food chain. Are you still running into these errors?


Yes I am using homebridge app and plugs are returning error 403

[Wyze] Request failed: Error: Request failed with status code 403
5/13/2021, 4:59:18 PM [Wyze] Response (Forbidden): {“description”:“Request forbidden.”}
5/13/2021, 4:59:18 PM [Wyze] Error getting devices: Error: Request failed with status code 403
5/13/2021, 4:59:21 PM [Wyze] Error, refreshing access token and trying again