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Cool. Good luck. As I said, this is how I’d suggest going about that, and it’s the ONLY way I’d expect Wyze to ever give you that information. Without a warrant, it would be a huge privacy issue.

@nerdland really made the solution clear.

  1. If a camera has been activated on a user account, Wyze can choose not to allow activation on another account, unless it was removed by the original user.

  2. If a camera is stolen / damaged, Wyze can provide the user with all video that is stored in the cloud.

It sounds like they will require more admin people to take care of these situations. This could drive up costs.

Wow. Good use of tax payer’s money. :grinning:


It would be hard (impossible) to track down a camera that is very possibly already crunched up in the landfill by now


I figure because it happens all the time. It is not unusual, thieves very often take surveillance cameras and even hubs to limit their possible exposure. Admittedly the dumb ones don’t, thats how we end up with the videos of criminals on YouTube.

But the smart ones take the devices and destroy them offsite. Happens a lot more than you think.


I’m asking, “how do you figure” when you say, “all that would do is mean the crooks would steal em to deprive you of the camera.”

I’m not sure how implementing this system would make that any more common or cause you any additional problems when it DOES happen

There will be no data if the thieves did not activate the camera. If they stole it to deprive you of the data the camera and any SD card are melted blobs of plastic.

If they did activate the camera and if the police want to spend several hundred dollars tracking the IP address to a physical location, if Wyze can and does provide them an IP address associated with the MAC address for your stolen camera which hopefully is still preserved under your account. Well then they may even be able to serve a warrant.

But much more likely they ditched the camera,


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I can confirm that the ability to see event clips from cameras that have been reset to another account is currently working in beta. It should be released to the production app pretty soon. When you look for the video clip from the reset camera, you will find it listed with MAC address as the camera name.