Home Assistant Integration

Another +1 from here. Will be using the unofficial integration for sensors for now.
Shouldn’t be unofficial. iOT devices should ALWAYS have a LOCAL API.


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Subscribed, and voted. HA is the weapon of choice now for the majority of home automaters, allowing integration. whilst still keeping cloud function would be amazing. ( then you don’t have to keep RTSP fork running)

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The second half of that appears to be possible. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m about to.

The downside right now is that we’re basically either stealing the bridge/sensor system from the WyzeCam or we’re adding a separate bridge for HA. That being said, I’m still thrilled at the possibility of using Wyze Sense products directly with HomeAssistant - so cost effective. Sensor ALL the Things!

Anyway, best possible outcome is official integration capabilities with all of Wyze (sensors, bulbs, switches, cams).

Completely agree!

I set this up with HA and it works pretty good. I don’t think it works with the bulbs/plugs, though.

No, it would not work with the bulbs/plugs since they don’t use a bridge. Glad to know the sensors work well!

Thanks. Missed that. Done.

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Not stealing anything here. Bought the hub and have no plans to ever plug it into a camera. :wink:

That said, full integration or simply a proper local API is the correct long-term solution. Real automation can’t rely on the internet being available to a house at all times.

Local control on WAN is mandatory or it doesn’t come in my house. APIs are optional, but manufacturers who leave them off without workarounds (like using their hub via reverse engineering of the USB/serial protocol) won’t last long. Internet outages happen and things still have to work.

This is why even venerable Blink now has beta RTSP firnware now.

The more open and standard a manufacturer makes their devices, the more they’ll sell. Hopefully Wyze is listening.


Integration with HomeAssistant will be awesome as it can further enhance homeautomation and security.


Added my vote. Would be buying a lot more products with HA integration. Plugs and sensor purchases has to go elsewhere because of this.


please make it work native with HA it would be awesome


Is native integration to HA on the roadmap? Or is just a wish from the HA community still

Hello @pjorourke05 and welcome to the community.

Currently this is not on the roadmap in the sense that it is being worked on. It is something they have not ruled out though. The flag at the top states ‘maybe-later’ the next step would be ‘researching’, if it gets past that it would move to the #roadmap and be placed in-development.

I have 2 wyze door sensors, does anyone know if you can have an audible noise sound thru a Google home mini when the doors are open ? Like “back door open” or a beep noise when a door is opened ?

Technically, the sensor integration to HA currently works, it just isn’t officially “supported” by Wyze… manufacturers who officially support HA and other open API home automation systems ultimately get more sales/money/prestige/whatver, but the community will always hack around lack of official support either way, as long as the company doesn’t become openly hostile and change firmware to lock out device owners from their own desired uses of their hardware they own.

The most recent HA Integration from the community auto-detects the Wyze USB hub plugged straight into the HA server, not into a camera, and configuring sensors is a breeze.

Some reports of difficulties with USB passthrough in virtual environments since the USB receiver doesn’t appear to follow the USB spec for proper warm restart and re-enumeration by a standard USB bus, but it was never intended to be plugged into one, so that’s… okay. Forcing a USB power cycle of the port from C code at the OS kernel level whacks it in the head and restarts it correctly… usually.

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Yeah I have seen alot of these configurations. Which is a really go start but I haven’t seen anything about toggling the notifications on and off per camera through automation in HA. Features like these are what I am looking for. Also if you have any insight on how to get home assistant running in docker on sysnology DSM to recognize the sensor bridge. I tried to follow the steps a gentleman instructed to connect the usd port to the docker but had no luck getting it to work. Sorry for spamming this message board

I don’t think you can do that yet, but I think they’re still working on some of those integrations. With Alexa, they sort of soft-launched some of that functionality about a month ago without any fanfare, but it’s still in testing, and they’ve disabled adding new devices for now, until all the kinks are ironed out. I’m using it with Alexa and it works fine, although when the camera restarts, every sensor gets triggered, so Alexa annonuces every one of them. Haha. That’s what I mean about working out kinks.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled and I suspect some of this functionality will be added soon.


Awesome, I’m super excited for both sense/cam - alexa/homeassist automation’s coming into the fold.

It’s been changed to maybe-later status though :-/

But untill now the only way to use wyze cam in HA is rstp an iftt?