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It never was about the battery being out of the device or being completely dead…in fact, the only known way to keep them from bricking themselves in the long run is to pull out the battery of a functional unit. The scenario that broke the sensors was not a dead battery, but a low battery. With a low battery, there was always a chance that the next motion event would cause data to be rewritten internally in a manner that permanently corrupted the on-device mac address…and so the longer the device was in the sate of low-battery, the greater the likelihood it would happen. Wyze never told users how low was too low (in fact, they never told users anything about the problem at all).

I think it only affected the contact sensors - at least that’s the only type that I experienced this problem with - of my original fleet of 2 motion sensors and 10 contact sensors, all but 2 of my contact sensors bit the dust, but both my motion sensors were still working right up until I abandoned wyze sense products in favor of something else.

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yes, I meant low battery issue. I had a few contact sensors bricked due to this. The motion sensors are still good so far.

If it only happened to the contact sensors…

I would be soooo happy! Not.

Now displaying in Home Assistant

onward and upward to Frigate. see: RTSP thread


Please let us know how you roll out Frigate. I’m still thinking that either a Jetson Nano or a Coral Dev Board would be a good way to have a single device capable of running it all well in one place - Home Assistant and MQTT and Frigate and TensorFlow. But from limited searching I don’t see anybody with really easy DIY hardware and software recipes (“here’s exactly what I built and it works”). My old PCs aren’t powerful and I don’t want a string of Pis and NAS accessories to do this.

This guy has good info and videos though (similar to the person you linked).

Thanks for the link Kiril Peyanski’s Blog. I expect this to be a steep learning curve for me. i.e. my progress will be slow :wink:

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I only check this thread periodically these days as I phased out all of my wyze gear. I check in occasionally hoping maybe there is some good news and perhaps I could give this company a second chance. However, the lack of response from anyone at wyze and the lack of movement on an API speaks volumes. Disappointed a bit, but I found alternative solutions. I’d recommend everyone that wants local control do the same.

I don’t expect purely local access for a while. They are slowly making some improvements, such as RTSP, and saying they’ll work with Joshua somewhat on his API workaround, but I am guessing we won’t see major changes at least before Matter is fairly well developed first. I am guessing that will understandably get the priority for now.

Out of curiosity, what did you go with for lighting, motion/contact sensors and what was the cost for them? What other devices did you get to go Local?

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Also interested in what people are switching to for HA integration. My cameras and doorbell have become the weak link, once I find a replacement for them they are going on Craigslist.

Here’s my next camera to test.

I’d be interested to hear where the H-A crowd is landing.

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I just purchased a Reolink camera and use the Blue Iris integration with Home Assistant. Works well for my needs.