Home Assistant Integration

Initially I just loved Wyze products. Simple, relatively cheap and so hip I mean what’s not to like? After buying their sensors and getting burned with the “loss of MAC” address and the company’s total lack of transparency I have re-evaluated of course the nail in the coffin has been lack of true HA support. Since my purchase of 2 Wyze cams, lots of sensors, scale and light bulbs I haven’t bought anything and I don’t recommend these to friends, family or for that matter enemies :slight_smile:


Hey @ikrowni. Believe me, I get your frustration, there’s plenty to go around. But to be fair, he did say ‘continuing’… :slight_smile:

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I’m having a lot of trouble maintaining a TinyCam connection lately and sincerely hope it’s not related to this.

I have not had any new issues using tinyCam as my universal viewer for 17 cameras (11 wyze, 3 arlo, Yi, tenvis, foscam)… Occasionally the app will spontaneously terminate and I’ll need to restart it.

I don’t not use tinyCam for constant streaming, just for occasional “check-in” viewing (deer in the yard? garage door closed? etc…)

Strong words: “ripped off” and “scam”.
Believe me, I want HA or ST integration.
I didn’t buy any of the devices expecting it, but it would be nice.

I’m also not a WYZE homer as they’ve really eFd up the thermostat situation.

Still, at these price points, ripped off is a stretch.
Scam? I guess only if the box said compatible with HA.
If you want things fixed, your choice of words won’t get anybody on the inside sticking their neck out for you.

Yeah it might just be my tablet dying. The streams on my Fire stick are okay at the moment.

What’s the scoop, any news on when we can expect the handcuffs to come off?

I would like to see the integration with HA sometime soon! Please Wyze team, this would be very helpful with all the sensors that come with the WHS!

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I have completely removed all the motion sensors, all 30 of them. They were all slowly dying, one by one due to the well known slow death of low battery brown outs.

I replaced a couple at first, then saw this happening to everyone and even then Wyze did not actually recall them so that was that. This stopped me from buying more Wyze products as I was basically just going to wait until for their crap products to all fail.

Eventually enough of them ended up dead that I accelerated my ZigBee setup and not this propriety Wyze crap that just happens to be on the same frequency as ZigBee.

Since Wyze did not have an API, nor were they doing anything to help, I was using them using a local home assistant component by Kevin Vincent which was great nor did it contribute to this cloud based HA integration rate limit shenanigans. Ironically he also gave up on these stupid sensors because they kept dying.

Effectively, Wyze sucks, found ways to get around them sucking but still can’t get around the crappy hardware dying so I am out.


Oh, I have 1 Wyzecam left with a cam plus subscription to compare to the Home Assistant Frigate object detection setup using google tensorflow locally with a Coral accelerator for a 60aud (40usd on a sale) reolink 4k camera.

Guess what, cam plus suck dog balls in comparison.

I have since cancelled the cam plus subscription and bought more reolink 4k cameras so I have not even been using the Wyze cam either.

Good riddance I say.

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What zigbee sensors are you using? Im in the same boat with my wyze motion sensors dying.

do the motion sensors die because of battery is out for too long, just like contact sensors?

5 Phillips Hue and 25 Ikea Tradfri motion sensors, Rock solid and instant response so way faster than what I had with Wyze. Pretty much all ZigBee non-battery powered devices like plugs do meshing anyway so it gets better the more you add.

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Yeap, that’s the one. Only that it wasn’t just out for too long but at various battery percentages.

A cautionary tale: Grace Digital Radio [Why Home Assistant / Local control is a pre-requisite for my future product purchases]

Much to my chagrin, Grace Digital Radio bricked my Mondo radio, this weekend, so that it no longer connects to my WiFi. It’s just a big clock now. Less function than an old mobile phone.

This is similar to the Wyze situation a few years ago with Xnor.ai, however Wyze at least went on to develop CamPlus, which the bulk of their users enjoy. There are also great alternatives with other brands, for example.


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Wow did they screw up not making that patchable. Who would trust them with more money for a new radio?

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Yep… not patch-able… I included the links because I suspected no one would believe me :wink:

To make it all better, they do offer a 35% discount on their new products. I have two issues with that approach:

  1. The discount is not enough to buy back my trust
  2. NONE of their new products [unless you just want a battery] are in stock (chip shortage? overwhelmed ports of entry?..)
    Grace Digital Store – gracedigital

I’ll be impressed if they are still in business by the end of 2022.

My take away:
At least Wyze is working on RTSP vor V3 AND they now have the funds to make it happen.

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Without even checking I’m going to guess there are a couple dozen small players, startups, and projects to do the same thing around a Raspberry Pi et al.

For sure… nothing that can’t be done with an old phone either.

It had three things going for it:

  1. Nice form factor (looked like a classic clock radio)
  2. Easy to operate (physical buttons and dials; worked like a classic clock radio)
  3. Approved by the user community (priceless)
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I got a relative a very early version of that - not IP at all but a decent transistor radio in an old timey cabinet. He loved it. Crosley I think. (Might have had MP3 ability too.)