Home Assistant Integration

Thanks for sharing. I did happen to find the Q&A link about 30 minutes after I replied to your post…

This is all good news!

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I also am VERY interested in Home-Assistant support especially now that you’re making sensors. The cameras have speakers, microphones, video for input and output! So flexible! Please open access to them! :slight_smile:


Mandatory feature, IMHO.
Just ordered a PAN expecting to integrate it into HA. At a minimum, I guess I can use this approach to see the feed, but would really like HA to enable/disable movement detection based on my presence. Looking around for additional cgi commands… Or, replace the firmware

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Thanks for the reply these are decent options to use.

I agree with daviegeepers above, Home Assistant integration seems like a must have now that they are getting into the sensor game. I currently use Konnected for my hardwire sensors, but would love to use Wyze for my cameras and wireless sensors, especially motion sensors, to better automate things. I find IFTTT a little unreliable at times being that it is reliant on a third party cloud service, opposed to an on prem server.

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If these worked with out of the box with Home Assistant, I would be order a lot of Wyze products. I know there is custom firmware to make them work but I’d prefer if they just worked.

I love what Wyze is doing but the only thing that has held me back from pulling the trigger and purchasing a lot of cameras and soon to be sensors is the Home Assistant support.

It would be amazing if you could open it up for Home Assistant!

must to have

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With the new RTSP firmware these seem to be working well with Home Assistant and the stream component, There’s a small time delay in the stream of about 5-10 seconds but the stream seems to start quickly and run pretty smoothly. I’ve only tested for a short time and in low light conditions but I’m feeling pretty happy so far.

I got the RTSP working with HomeAssistant. due to the lack if still image, the card looks like it isn’t working but when you click on it, Bam !!! you get the stream.

Config example :

  - platform: generic
    name: "Test Camera"
    still_image_url: "null"
    stream_source: "rtsp://[username]:[password]@[camera_ip_address]/live"

+1 for Home Assistant component.
Loving the new RSTP feature btw. Thanks!

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+1 for home assistant integration with the new Sense products!

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How did you get this running - I used your exact config (adding my info) and i get the camera at idle but it never streams - What did i do wrong?

@ Mrkheiser,

Try moving the username and password out of the RTSP string and place under the cam definition:

- platform: generic
    name: "Test Camera"
    username:  CamUserName
    password:  MyCamPassword
    still_image_url: "null"
    stream_source: "rtsp://camera_ip_address/live"

I have it running with Blue Iris (intermittently with beta RTSP firmware) and HA by doing the following:

In configuration.yaml:

camera 8:
  - platform: generic
    name: Garage
    still_image_url: http://192.168.x.xxx:81/image/Garage
    mjpeg_url: http://192.168.x.xxx:81/h264/Garage/video.m3u8

Then in groups.yaml:

  name: MyCameras
    - camera.Test
    - camera.Office
    - camera.Garage

Then finally, go to the lovelace card, select Configure UI, then Raw config editor and enter in (note that is should be all lower case, even if you named it with upper case!):

  - badges: []
      - entity: camera.test
        type: picture-entity
      - entity: camera.office
        type: picture-entity
      - entity: camera.garage
      - entity: camera.times_square
        type: picture-entity
      - entity: camera.broadway_43rd
        type: picture-entity
    icon: 'mdi:road'
    path: cameras_ext_view
    title: Road_Cams

I would like to see Home Assistant integration for the Wyse-Sense stuff


@concord704 thanks for the instructions!

I feel like I’m losing my mind as I have that same setup in my config.yaml file, added my cameras to groups.yaml and then created picture entities using camera.name, but once created and then selected all I see is a small white screen with a spinning wheel with a checkbox for preload stream & play/pause & the stream never starts.


Home Assistant integration would be AMAZING.

I got my first Wyze Cam (a Pan) today because of the RTSP software.

I’m the process of adding it to Home Assistant and HomeKit (via Homebridge), while also looking into Webhooks w/ IFTT or motionEye to track motion detection (that I will also forward onto HomeKit from Home Assistant).

I would buy at least 5 more cams and outfit my entire 4 bedroom house (all windows/doors/rooms in the house) if there becomes proper Home Assistant integration + recommend my parents and in-laws do too. (Otherwise, it’ll be Xiaomi Aqara and Zigbee2MQTT in Home Assistant for my house + Ring Cams/Alarms for them.)

I wonder if Wyze knows that a Home Assistant integration means we can forward everything except to HomeKit for Apple Home.app integration (solving some of the HomeKit problem/demand)?

I also wonder if Wyze realizes that if they open up a public API the Home Assistant community will build and manage the whole integration for free?



Now that we have sensors home assistant would be a amazing addition. You got us one step closer with RTSP, just gotta get the sensors onboard and life would be great.

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Totally agree!

Speaking of which, I want to use the new Wyze Pan that I’ve added to my garage as a motion sensor (to turn the lights off after no motion is detected for 10 minutes).

The plan for now is to do this via:
IFTTT Webhooks :arrow_right: Home Assistant :arrow_right: HomeKit

Does anyone know if Wyze’s IFTTT integration works with the Wyze Pan camera running the RTSP firmware?


Edit: Started a new topic with this question so I don’t accidentally throw this one sideways: Does Wyze's IFTTT Service Work with Cam Pan Running RTSP Firmware?