Home Assistant Integration



Is there anything in the roadmap to allow any sort of generic integration or access to the video stream? Wouldn’t even need to be home assistant specific… Why wouldn’t you want to open it up a little more… Would be in much more high demand if so I would think…


Once RTSP is available it can be added to Home-Assistant using the FFmpeg Camera component. But an official integration that supports motion sensors would be even better.


Yeah. Maybe the speaker could even be exposed as a media_player for broadcasting TTS messages over the cameras? Not the best sound quality but plenty for a simple TTS announcement. It would effortlessly extend the reach of scripted announcements in HA, likely tied to motion, sound or CO alerts. Great for security and maybe other things as well.


+1 from me for the forum topic. Running HASSIO HA and would love to see native integration of these amazing Cams.


I also would like to see this. A simple add-in the configuration.yaml file that just allows hassio to talk with the Waze cloud would be great. To use the motion detection as preset detection and video recognition will help with my home automations


Adding my voice to the pile! I’d buy 2-3 more and aggressively recommend them to my techie friends.

A few folks above simply asked for local RTSP support, which would be a great start, but real integration would either use their own communications or open it up with MQTT, and that 2-way audio would be amazing.


+1 from me!!! Yes, add Home Assistant integration as well!


Count me as another multi-wyze-camera user that want integration to Home Assistant



+1 this would be amazing!