Home Assistant Integration

Just wanted to add on about Wyze RTSP and HA. I have been using the Wyze cam’s with RTSP and HA for ~6 months. The video streams direct into HA frontend have some issues, but I have found the MotionEye add-on for viewing the live RTSP streams has been very solid with few issues.

I also use MotionEye and some homegrown python scripts to merge 5 minute clips into 60 minute clips for archiving the streams on a separate SMB server. It has been fairly stable. HA and Add-ons run on RPi 4, SMB server for storage on a separate RPi 4. I have not yet attempted to use MotionEye to capture motion events and send alerts with video links. (I still use the Wyze account to look for events if needed)


My experience has been a bit different to the point where I thought it was a network issue rather than a HA issue. When I would lose the stream in HA, I would lose in tinycam, motioneye and HA together. However, wyzeapp would work fine. Hence, the issue might not be unique to HA

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That’s kind of an argument not to use the official RTSP firmware…

I’ve kind of wanted to try the defangs, just to see if it clears up these issues, but I honestly think it’s how hassio/and it’s front end deal with streaming video. not perfect, but it’s functional currently.

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I cant see myself buying any other Wyze products other than the cameras without some kind of integration. I would love to buy but it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. You dont even have to integrate with HA directly. Just give the community an api and let us do the work for you!


Yup, I stay away from IFTTT since the manufacturer exodus sarting with Smart Life/Tuya and continuing with many others.

I have found that since I use Amazon Alexa as my voice assistant and streaming media platform, I use Alexa for announcing simple process states, the front door opened, the refrigerator door has remained open for 5 minutes, please close. Alan has arrived home, etc. I am in processes of conversion from SmartThings based control to Hime Assistant for any for nuanced tasks or device state analysis.

I, as a general rule, have found the Wyze Sense sensors and Wyze Cams to be a great primary component source for the functional standard I’m non critical deployment in many smart homes!

Unfortunately, to integrate with the many varieties of devices and sensors in a global scope, Alexa doesn’t have developed or complex process flow control and state feedback capabilities above the basics subsets available through that components associated skill.

Wyze offers more process control (rulesets) but still narrower and more limited in scope than Home Assistant allows, and their sensor and camera offerings are broadening, but currently still relatively narrow.

Additionally, component control, whether that be turning on/off TV, adjusting Video Inputs, etc. Or whether that is using Presence sensors to determine home occupancy, and turning off the AC, setting Alexa to Guard Mode, and turning on lights at night, or opening the garage doors, turning on lights, and disarming the alarm when a family member arrives home.

I can see both direct and synergistic benefits to Wyze by allowing both pushed and pulled data to be passed between each other. The ability to locally control key decisions with this merge would be very powerful!!

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I am using Alexa integration to HA too, but seems not stable, from time to time got authentication issue and need to remove and re-install.

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I’m researching any options right now. I’ll summarize once I get traction!

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I’ll upvote this, heck they listened with the rtsp.


Upvoting this too! It would be so nice to have native Home Assistant support. I am using a third party integration right now and it works well but native support would add a lot more capabilities.

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Yes. My biggest issue with most smart home devices or systems (and the first thing I research) is their use of / reliance on an internet connection in order to operate, and the second issue is interoperability with the existing smart home system. The reliance on the internet introduces issues like 1. delayed actions (a big deal when walking into a dark room and waiting on a light to turn on) 2. reduced security due to direct internet connectivity rather than local-only/bridge-based 3. non-functional items/automations during internet downtime.

My requirements, with very few exceptions are: It still works when the internet goes down, it’s as fast as possible, it can be integrated in some way with Home Assistant (or at least HomeKit).

In this stream of reasoning and due to inadequate performance of the “supported configuration,” I’ve ended up using the Wyze Sense products directly with Home Assistant - no internet, no delay, SO MUCH better automation. I’m also phasing out the use of Wyze bulbs in favor of Shelly and Hue (depending on use case).

As much as I appreciate Wyze products, I can’t settle for their nearly cloud-only approach and lack of local integration with the best smart home systems. The incredibly impressive custom components that have been created by volunteers for Wyze with Home Assistant are nice perks, but I’m never going to rely seriously on something that requires internet connectivity for even base functionality.

If they get a true and documented API, that would be great. If they established a working Local API, there would be no contest in many cases - it would be insanely great.


Now that IFTTT is going to charge a subscription if you want to create more than three applets, I am looking into setting up HomeAssistant to control my smart home devices.

Has anyone here successfully used location triggers to manipulate their cams? Specifically, I’m looking for a way to turn on/off motion detection notifications when I enter/leave my house.

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I’ve been using HomeAssistant for a few years now with great success. I definitely recommend it, and it continues to improve every week.
I have been using the “Wyze Sense Component” (which I am most happy with) as well as the “Wyze Bulb, Switch and Sensor Integration” (which is a handy addition), but I have not yet happened across anything for HA that allows direct adjustment of anything to do with the WyzeCams or their notification settings. This of course does not mean it can’t be done in one of several ways.

  1. install the RTSP firmware for Wyze and pipe the video into MotionEye (or something similar) at which point you should have total control over notifications, etc. The upside to this is control. The downside to this is you’re recreating a lot of functionality.
  2. Since they’re so inexpensive, pop open one of the Wyze contact sensors and wire it to a relay (Like a Shelly or just a GPIO wired relay) which you could add to HA as an on/off switch. This could be treated as a sort of bridge. HA has the visibility, flexibility, and has direct control of this contact sensor, while the contact sensor is still paired to the Wyze bridge in the Wyze cam which can therefor be used to trigger the Wyze “Rules.” The downside to this is the oversimplified communication channel…but the upsides are: it’s a physical integration so the risk of it just not working one day is next to none, and you can utilize the built-in features of the Wyze cams; there is no need to recreate functionality in that respect.
  3. Try to bridge together Home Assistant and Wyze using something like Alexa or Google Home. I can’t help you there as I do not use either of those.
  4. Help to reverse engineer to part of the undocumented API required to enable/disable notifications and use the HTTP capabilities of HA to make that happen. This would be physically the cleanest solution, but is also the most likely to break when they change something about the API.

I’m expecting you simply want to enable/disable notifications while at home, not power the cameras off completely, so I will not suggest connecting the cameras to a smart switch which can cut the power when you arrive and restore power when you leave (which is what I did the first time I purchased some Wyze cams).
Final side note, the two integrations I mentioned are available via HACS in Home Assistant.

I hope this is at least somewhat helpful.
Happy Smart Homing.


I have Wyze going to TinyCam which can send Person/Face/Pet/Vehicle/Motion detection using WebHooks.
The TinyCam can use the Wyze Cloud so you don’t really have to use the RTSP, but if you want it to work when your internet goes out, you would want the RTSP firmware…

Anyways, if you can setup your HA to receive webhooks, you can have TinyCam send them to HA…
You can do whatever you want with the Automations after that.

I currently have this setup with Hubitat, sending to an MQTT server, then to HA…
Just wanted to see what I could do…
Now I just need to setup the webhooks to go straight to HA since I can do a lot more with it.

Of course since the cloud does have a little lag, it won’t be instantaneous, and I plan to test the RSTP in this method as well.
I do have to say the responsiveness of HA receiving from the MQTT is really good.

I’m also working on installing Zoneminder since it’s supposed to have face recognition as well…


What are you running tiny cam on?
Been thinking about this but don’t want a phone if I can avoid it. Can I run it on a pi zero for example?

Not on Raspberry Pi… but I saw somewhere in the Wyze Forums that tinyCam works on Rock Pi 4 I haven’t tried it yet.

I have tried tinyCam on BlueStacks, but as it turns out my Yi cameras don’t work (Wyze, Foscam, Tenvis work just fine), (and I don’t really want to be running this on a Windows system (or old phone/tablet) anyway).

I’m interested to hear some success stories with tinyCam on Rock Pi. :wink:

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I have mine running on an old phone, but i’ve seen some use it on a FireTV stick since it’s basically an Android device and you can side load apps.
I’m thinking about trying that out, but i don’t know how well it responds to the amount of cameras i have…
Not to mention, if you install on a tablet and mount it to a wall, you have a security camera monitor as well. I have a view with 6 cameras right now that i like a lot.
If i get a new tablet (since mine is old and buggy as heck) i might load a custom rom and just use it for that.
You can do the same thing with a Firestick and a small tv if you have one that you don’t need… just not sure about the burn in…


If this topic exist, please link so I may vote on it and delete this.

I have Google HA with two Google Minis. I would like to see my Wyze cam send a motion event to the HA, which then can be used in Routines. For example if someone walks up and triggers a motion event, I would like for my mini’s to announce that a motion event was triggered.

I imagine for people with a HA device with a screen, they would appreciate if HA will automatically open the camera on an event too (via routine).

@charlie.mcdowell99 that is a limitation of Google Home routines and it’s unrelated to this discussion. Amazon Alexa supports your use case because its routines are less limited.

Google home and Home Assistant are two different things and the only thing they have in common is the word Home which probably lead to your confusion.


A simple solution to this would be to get a cheap Amazon Echo device. Have the Wyze camera trigger an Alexa routine, which will then speak something that you program it to. The spoken command will be heard by a Google mini, which can then make the announcement.

When the Wize camera triggers the Alexa routine, the Echo device will say something like “Hey Google, Broadcast there is motion at the front door.”

I use that interaction both ways in several routines and it works well.


Broadcast a message to your entire home

To do this: Say “Hey Google,” then:
Create a custom message

"Broadcast "

You can also use the commands “shout,” “tell everyone,” or “announce” instead of “broadcast.”

This broadcasts on all Google Nest or Home devices.

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