Home Assistant (HA) and Wyze

Interesting. So it has been deprecated / removed. I think I have the old version, wonder if I can add it back in for us… :slight_smile:

There is something I’ve been thinking of testing that might be a work around…remote HA. This would allow you to run multiple HA systems (mine are Raspberry Pis) with different versions of the API. I’ve only read snippets of the info on the Remote stuff but it MIGHT work.

Interesting idea. Which Version do you have which supports the V1 Sensors?

Wyze Bulb, Switch and Sensor Integration

Installed version: v0.5.12

Available version: 2021.5.6

Looks like the download can be found here:

I just found the version 0.5.14, after that they started trying to integrate the Vacuum and then the Color Bulbs as well as deprecating v1 Sensors.

I am going to look at this to see if I can do something…

Looks like this one is where sensors were removed:

yep. If I can get it added, either manually or as a seperate package, I will let you know.

Just installed the the latest version of the Wyze API integration and it seems to support the V1, V2 sensors, Color Bulbs and who knows what else. Support is missing for a few things I was using: attributes for the battery and wifi connection status. One issue is it duplicated ALL of my existing sensors and made the original names non-functional. Just switched to the new names and deleted the old. Seems to be a known bug.


Good news. Will do mine later.

Thanks for the heads up

Just hooked up my V2’s and V1’s. This is great for Home Assitant. I sent Joshua an email asking if there was a way we could Live Stream the Camera’s similar to TinyCam, since the API can see the Camera’s as motion sensors.

Any idea why the cameras show up as a sensor and a switch?

I expect that he wanted to have motion sensors when he removed the V1’s. Now that the V1’s and V2’s sensors are back, he may change that, not sure though. I am hoping we can live stream the camera’s as well.

what kind of Card are you using to display your sensors? I am noticing that your labels are above the sensors.

I recently started getting into Home Assistant, and am finding it is very powerful. A lot to learn here.

Says a “Glance Card” when I look at the config. I’m new to HA as well but found it useful to link different vendor products, including some old X10 light switches I have on my outside porch/flood lights.

I am going to look at that as well.

I use a Vertical Stack Card Configuration to make up each grouping as a grid. Then use the Button Card for the lights and custom:layout-card for the other items

How did you get the icon for the multi-lights setup?

In the groups.yaml file I added the following to create grouped lights (Indents are important):

  name: "LR Lights"
    - light.lr_bulb_1
    - light.lr_bulb_2

  name: "FR Lights"
    - light.fr_bulb_1
    - light.fr_bulb_2

  name: "All Lights"
    - group.lr_light_group
    - group.fr_light_group
    - light.fr_cb_3
    - light.ofc_cb

  name: "Porch Lights"
    - light.porch_1
    - light.porch_2

  name: "Driveway Lights"
    - light.driveway_1
    - light.driveway_2
    - light.driveway_3

Then when I added that Entity, for example the “All Lights” Group, it will add the default icon you see in the image. Then in the setting for the Entity Card set the optional icon to “mdi:lightbulb-group”

Here is a link to some of the icons you can use: Material Design Icons

This is the one I used when trying to find an icon:https://materialdesignicons.com/
Find the name and then add mdi: to the beginning.

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I am in the process of rebuilding my HA now. :frowning: forgot my password after I cleared my cache. Could not figure out how to recover - so be careful.

Looks like the HMS stuff isn’t complete yet. Tested some sensors and they didn’t update. Checked github for the api and found some issues and other discussions indicating that arming for home and away and disarming work through HA. Other issues are in the works.

RE: Forgot Password

Same thing happened to me… used the info here to reset it.