Home alarm permit requirements

I just found out that I may need a permit for Wyze Alarm (or any alarm for that matter). And yes, there is a page about this from Wyze https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053343251-Do-I-need-a-permit-to-use-Wyze-Home-Monitoring-Service-

However, this seems important enough that it should be included in the initial set up. Perhaps there should be an explicit mention in the set up guide, in the box, or even in a drip email campaign.

Looks like it’s not the first time people were puzzled to find out that permit is required sometime after installing the alarm (Home Monitoring Local Alarm Permits). It would be terrible if the alarm actually triggers because of a burglary and policy is not dispatched because a permit is not on file!


Indeed. That would be a great improvement to the HMS setup choreography.

Perhaps you can recommend that in a #wishlist post.


Oh, didn’t realize it was a thing. I tried to update current tag but that didn’t work. I created a new #wishlist post, will link here once it’s approved. Thanks!


Once again, I’m quoted!!! Too bad Wyze didn’t do anything back then.


It is already in setup when entering required Home information:

And full page explanation:


Yes that’s where I found it. But when I was setting up the system in initial setup it wasn’t included in the wizard. This is what my ask is for. I don’t usually have a reason to change address, I clicked on this accidentally and discovered the permit thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered it for ages

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The Home Monitoring setup page and the Home Information page are one in the same. The only difference is that during initial setup, your home address has not yet been entered. The permit info text is always present.

Perhaps the reason you didn’t see the permit info text is because it didn’t exist when you setup your system. Permit number was just recently added. When did you set up your home monitoring?