HMS - Would like to tie rules / shortcuts / notifications to the Home/Away/Disarm modes

TL;DR: Would like the ability to tie the new Home monitoring system modes to notifications / rules / shortcuts.

Just bought the new home monitoring system and I can’t tie rules /shortcuts to the different security modes. Home, Away, and Disarmed.

The reason this would be nice is that I have sensors and cameras all over my property.
So that I don’t go insane and just ignore all my notifications, I have shortcuts setup.
When I’m home, mute all notifications.
When I’m away, unmute all notifications.
So now I need to do 2 steps when I go out / come back with the new HMS in place.
I need to select to unmute everything and arm the system, and when I come back do the opposite.
And knowing me, I’m gonna forget to do one or the other soon enough.

So it would be great if I could tie at least the notifications to the Disarmed/Away/Home HMS Settings.
But rules / shortcuts would also be nice if possible.

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I would really love to see a few new features to make the HMS more useful. The ability to create shortcuts on the app homepage to arm/disarm the system would be awesome. The ability to create rules (specifically schedule based rules to arm and disarm the system. Also optimized iPhone widgets/control panel where you can toggle your HMS Armed/Disarmed without having to open the app.


This should be a high priority rule addition for Wyze IMO. I would tie a ton of rules to this related to notifications and such.

It will also be AWESOME with geofencing automation, especially if the geofencing works with multiple accounts (ie: can tell when myself AND my wife, AND my daughter are all away from home, so it automatically activates Away mode, and then away mode automatically activates other notifications and automations. This would seriously make Wyze an incredible system!

I wish I could vote for this one more than once.


Yeah, Geofencing would be amazing to tie to the alarm states. Already use it for my Wyze Lock and it’s great.


I want to be able to schedule my alarm to go on at a certain time and off at a certain time. This seems like a table stakes feature.


I just got my home monitoring kit and I was immediately a little bit disappointed that there was no way to schedule changing of the modes.

I want the ability to schedule “home” mode for every night at 11PM and “disarm” for every morning at 4AM. Being able to schedule this is important so that my kids don’t set it off before I wake up on the morning of they open the door.

I’d like to be able to do the same thing with away mode. When I go out of town I still have cleaning people come to the house and I don’t really want away mode active during certain times of the day even if I’m not there.

C’mon Wyze! You can do it.


Agree completely - this is a must-have! When I arm the system I want other things to happen, such as my Wyze locks to lock, notifications for certain sensors to be turned on, etc. Ditto for disarming. Right now I have shortcuts for these sorts of things, but I can’t add the arm/disarm to the shortcuts. This is a basic function that should be added ASAP!


I want the ability for whenever I set the “away” alarm that it also changes my thermostat to away.

This would fall under that I think.

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Agreed - I think adding adding the monitoring system to Rules would close out quite a few of the wishlist items in this forum!


Anyone have any idea how to get a second notification when my doorbell has motion or rings. I get so many notifications that I would like if I could a separate set of notifications when my doorbell had motion or when someone rings it.

I have an iPhone and I was thinking if there was a shortcut when a wyze notification had the work “doorbell” in it that it could send me a separate notification. Any ideas or any threads I’m missing?


Yes, ability to select which sensors and which cameras should be active in each HMS Mode. Some Modes I want some cameras on and some off. Same for sensors. Can’t do as HMS is now.

Right now, I have the HMS Modes AND set up my Wyze app with same Modes: Disarmed, Home, and Away. Each time I want to change the current Mode, I select My mode and then the HMS mode to get cameras (and sensors and notifications) on and off as desired, for each mode.

I have set up so that Disarmed means nothing is on because I am at home, except my front door cam (so I get notified of visitors and packages).

The Home mode (for evenings) activates all Sensors and notifications to outside entryways and outside viewing cameras. No inside cams are on.

The Away mode turns everything on, inside and out, so I get full coverage.

Adjust yours as desired, but it would be nice to only hit one button to accomplish it all.