HMS - No Refund for starter kit when switching to annual plan

I recently switched my HMS subscription from monthly to annual and planned to get a refund of my core starter kit per this section of the HMS FAQ:

Can I switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

Yes, you can switch between plans any time. Even more, we will refund the price of the Starter Core Kit if you switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan.

This is the response from support (Ticket Number 1272109):

Thanks for reaching out regarding a refund, My name is Tim and I’ll be happy to assist you, we can’t process the refund for the starter kit since the order was already placed and then later switched to the yearly plan, also the promotion for the free core starter kit has ended

Someone from Wyze needs to step up on this…

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Can you escalate the ticket?

I definitely understood it like you did…that they’d refund the kit if you upgraded. Someone at Wyze needs to connect those support wires. :slight_smile:

How…working via email since they wanted information. I’ve found that calling is an equal waste of time.

@WyzeGwendolyn - any help please?

Thank you very much. Either this was handled incorrectly or we have incorrect info on the page. I’ll make sure you are taken care of.

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Thanks, but you should know, this has been on the website since launch.

Just received an email from support saying they have refunded the price of the starter kit. Not sure if it was because of you @WyzeGwendolyn but I presume it was and I thank you. But it still doesn’t answer the question: Is the FAQ correct or has Wyze changed the policy without disclosing it to customers?