HMS Google Assistant integration

When will we be able to integrate the Wyze Home Monitoring System with Google? I would like to be able to say “Hey Google, arm the security system” when I leave the house. It would also be nice to automatically set the security system to “home” to arm the contact sensors when I say “Hey Google, goodnight”

Currently the v2 sensors have integrations with alexa, but the wyze sense hub itself does not. The ability to have the alarm being armed/disarmed and the alarm itself being triggered as an programmable trigger for alexa and or google routines would be amazing. The speaker in the sense hub is not the loudest, allowing my alexa devices to assist would be amazing, especially for a large/multi story house. For example if my echo could sound an alarm when my wyze alarm is triggered with monitoring it would be audible and more of a deterrent throughout my entire home, not just where the sense hub is.

@darrenbeau1 You can vote for Alexa integration in the wishlist thread below.

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I would like to have the ability to turn on monitoring using google assistant and make it park of my google routines.