HMS different notification settings for each armed state

I don’t understand some of the configurations with home monitoring. Why can’t I have notifications turned on for door sensors, motion, cameras etc for ONLY when in “Home” and “Away” armed states? I turn off the notifications because I dont want to know every time I open the patio door while I’m home, yet when I armed the system and open the door, no notification because they are turned off. I would like to see an update where the notification settings are for EACH armed stated independently.

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I’d like to be able to Enable/Disable the sensor Push Notifications based on the status of the Wyze Home Monitoring.

Disarmed = Mute Notifications
Away = Unmute Notifications
Home = Unmute Notifications

As it stands now, if I leave the home and press “away”, I have to manually go into my app and enable the push notifications. This should be completely automatic.

With the existing rules, the only triggers are schedule, or a specific sensor triggering it. There are no triggers based on Home/Away/Disarmed status.

This seems like a very basic feature that should have been implemented. Thanks in advance.


I’m requesting for an option of push notifications for the Wyze app’s Home Monitoring System to be disabled when the alarm is disarmed. When I have the alarm set to HOME and AWAY, the push notifications for every detail are fine but when I have the whole system disarmed as I am at home, would like the option to have the notifications turned off. Hope this feature will come to future versions of the app.


Another must have feature!

I’m home, walking around and getting constant notifications from the motion sensors… draining my phone’s battery, sensor battery, annoying, and time wasting!

What is “smart” or “automated” about this situation? Should I manually mute/unmute notifications? That is not accepted.

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Yeah I’m not sure why this really isn’t addressed. I feel like its a must have feature especially when the system isn’t armed. There’s no need for notifications in most real life situations for that mode.

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