HMS Allow User To Choose Custom Countdown Sound for Exit/Entry Delay

I appreciate the simplicity of using a single sound to countdown the delay to arming the home monitoring system, rather than a numbered countdown. However, it would be nice to be able to choose the users sound of choice, for both exit and entry delay.

Especially in households where exit or entry may occur while others are sleeping, a less alarm sounding countdown would be great so as not to send people into an anxiety / panic attack that an alarm is occurring (as my spouse has).

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Can you suggest how that might work? You would need to load the sounds onto the hub and I don’t think it has any writeable onboard storage. Also don’t see any ports that would allow for any SD card or USB device.

I mean, yeah customer added sounds would be nice, but my assumption would be the same mechanism as the Chime boxes for the doorbell. A pre-determined selection of sounds than can be chosen from… some can be on a softer easier sound, some can be more obtrusive like the current sounds.