High Quality WiFi Room Stereo/Surround Speakers

Hello all, I am looking for a product that just works.

I would like to deploy a great sounding speaker system at remote locations, it would be great if I could mate the install with a camera one install solves my problem.

Also, it needs to have easy a software interface ( App and Desktop would be great ) to add and manage devices and input streams, with extra devices like a USB to stream interface and an Analog audio to stream device.

This stuff may already be out there but this Wyze cam was the quickest, easiest setup gadget I have seen yet, and it works… I have deployed them as a stand-alone monitor in my remote data closets.

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Any plan for a new device like WiFi speaker?

I own at least 10 echo speakers and I would like to throw them all in the trash. They work one at a time okay but ask them to start working together and it quickly falls apart.

Sonos is supposed to be great but I’ll be honest - I’m not spending $200 per speaker or even $100 per speaker when they go on sale.

Wyze is the champion of the barebones “it just works” affordable tech product. I trust Wyze to thread the needle on functionality, quality and price.

Would love to see speaker system like sonos with that great wyze pricing.

I would love something like this! I have wanted a whole house sounds system for a while. 4 kids getting up at the same time warrants some house-wide 6am “Crazy Train,” But when someone needs to sleep in, it would be nice to be able to turn off speakers or play different things in different parts of the house or have them driven by different bluetooth devices. Controlling all Wyze devices from a single app would be ideal!


A full Sonos type wireless surround sound system would also be nice. Especially since they are working on full home integration. A system that is not ridiculously expensive but sounds good and is easy to setup and use would be nice. Indoor and outdoor. Plug in or battery powered options. Maybe the Wyze security system could use it for sounding an alarm also.

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Is Wyze looking into developing WiFi, wireless, & surround sound speakers like Sonos speakers?

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There’s something on the #wishlist about a Bluetooth speaker, but nothing on WiFi speakers yet.

You could add this idea to the #wishlist!


Wyze should develop a WiFi wireless surround sound speakers like the Sonos.

Wyze should develop a WiFi wireless surround sound speakers like the Sonos.

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I searched and saw comments about people wanting this, but not an actual Wish List topic. It would be nice if Wyze offered an affordable surround sound option that is truly wireless.

Looks like someone else created a wishlist item for him.

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I was trying to make a product recommendation for the first time…

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Oh I see. I didn’t realize you did create a wishlist item for this previously. I think your request is different enough idea from the bluetooth waterproof speaker.

Rechargable via USB or a dock and wireless communication with the soundbar/base from 60-80ft away. Indoor/Outdoor satellite speakers would be a bonus.

I’d definitely be a customer for a decent WiFi speaker, especially in the $19.99-$49.99 price range. I would buy multiple to outfit my house!

Too much to ask for? :wink:
Wireless Compact Speaker w/ actual built-in Subwoofer that works w/ room filling, 3d-like or wave-like stereo affordable - hifi sound @ lofi proce with some ummphboooom ? Affordable? w/ mini jack aux for the kids wh9o of course are too laz… i mean busy to sync?

Can Wyze build some nice wireless speakers?

Currently, the market for wireless speakers is needlessly expensive. For example, Sonos charges $1800+ for a home soundbar + 2 wireless surrounds + subwoofer, even though the actual parts cost a fraction of that.

There’s just a lot of room right now in the market for wireless home speakers. Also big plus if you can integrate some upward firing speakers to support Dolby Atmos.


Yes! Especially if they sync with Google Home so you can cast and such