High Quality WiFi Room Speakers

Hello all, I am looking for a product that just works.

I would like to deploy a great sounding speaker system at remote locations, it would be great if I could mate the install with a camera one install solves my problem.

Also, it needs to have easy a software interface ( App and Desktop would be great ) to add and manage devices and input streams, with extra devices like a USB to stream interface and an Analog audio to stream device.

This stuff may already be out there but this Wyze cam was the quickest, easiest setup gadget I have seen yet, and it works… I have deployed them as a stand-alone monitor in my remote data closets.

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Any plan for a new device like WiFi speaker?

I own at least 10 echo speakers and I would like to throw them all in the trash. They work one at a time okay but ask them to start working together and it quickly falls apart.

Sonos is supposed to be great but I’ll be honest - I’m not spending $200 per speaker or even $100 per speaker when they go on sale.

Wyze is the champion of the barebones “it just works” affordable tech product. I trust Wyze to thread the needle on functionality, quality and price.