Hide "Discover" and "Shop" tabs

I’d really appreciate it if Wyze could allow the “Discover” and “Shop” tabs to be hidden in the Wyze app. I don’t use them on a daily basis and find they tend to clutter the interface a bit - it’s also slightly tacky. It would appear neater, cleaner, and more professional without these tabs present in the main UI.

Example of the Wyze app layout with tabs hidden:

It would be ideal if they could be hidden on-demand from within the app settings. They can still appear under the “Account” tab when hidden.

The idea would be to have the app default to having all tabs shown when initially installed but also offering the ability to hide the unnecessary tabs if a user wishes to do so.

Agree, never use either so why not allow some personalization for better functionality, like add option to show a devices tab that brings us to a page where each device has its own settings tab so we can quickly adjust settings without having to open each device, go to settings then back back back to do next device wait for it to open, and repeat.