Hidden camera night vision



I would like to mount this camera on my porch, where its protected from the elements.
I’m afraid if its visible at night it may draw attention and be stolen.
Are the ir leds visible, and is it possible to turn off all blinking lights on the camera?


Hi PMP - You can turn off the status light in your app!

As far as the IR lights, there are four IR lights on the front of the camera. The only way to turn them off is to change your night vision setting to “off” in the app, however you won’t be able to use the night vision any longer. I have two outside cameras and you really don’t notice these IR lights! In my opinion, they are not that prominent. You would have to know there is a camera mounted and look right at it to notice the IR lights.


I have the v.1 and can clearly see the 2 IR LEDs at night. Not super bright but you can see them.


Well, infrared light waves are outside the visual spectrum, so, no, you can’t, but, if you get a “echo” effect that pulses fast enough, it could be possible to see something. This is very rare, and only happens under very specific circumstances though.


OP, usually, if you need to monitor something outside, put the camera inside turn the IR LEDs off, but, get some IR bulbs outside, so camera can then see things in the dark.



Huh? The 4 red leds are clearly visible when on.


I’m talking about the light wave the LEDs produce… not the physical color of the LEDs themselves.


Sorry for the confusion.



And you are incorrect. YES, when the Wyze (v. 1 in my case) is “night mode on” (vs. off) 2 barely visible spots light up (these are the IR LEDs, which appear to clearly also have a small component in the far red but visible). When “night mode off” these are not visible. Perhaps you should not doubt what people report without knowing better.


Not sure who you are replying to, but are you saying that your cameras are different in that there aren’t 4 red leds at 10:30, 1:30, 4:30, and 6:30 clock positions that are lit and clearly visible when the camera is in nightmode?


The LEDs produce light at 850nm, which is not visible to the human eye. The LEDs are visible though.

I have an 850nm illuminator that is the same way, the LEDs glow dim red but it projects a floodlight as seen on the IR camera. (tendelux Al4, $20 amazon).


There are IR illuminators that are 950nm and invisible, they are a bit more pricey.

I had the same concern, I tried to get glass filters to cover my leds on another camera I have. They were advertised as blocking all visual spectrum, but alas, no they did not. There may be glass or film out there that will do the job, I gave up.

There are definitely “spy” ip wifi cams out there that use the 950nm leds, I have one–completely invisible light


At least in the current firmware version, if you turn off the Status lights in Advance Settings, it also turns off the four night mode indicator lights, while still allowing the invisible (to human unaided vision) IR lights to operate in night mode.



Yes, I see 4 IR “Night Mode Indicator Lights”(?) sometimes(!) when the night vision is on, but not always. And I have not turned off the status lights in the settings, so I do not understand what is controlling those IR mode indicator lights. I do know they are not always on when night mode is on… or at least not always bright enough to see.