Help! wyze cam pan will not connect to orbi rbk50 system

Hi mj, I just read your post. I am having the exact same problem with my netgear nighthawk router. I bought a new wyze pan cam for my girlfriend’s house. It’s identical to the cam I have at my house and an identical router. I have her network set to 2.4G but everytime I try the set up, I get the “cannot find the network” I took the cam out to my house and it works fine. Did you ever find a solution? Thanjs Frank

EDIT: I got it working. I just had to reboot the camera…


So I have tested this by establishing a telnet session to both my router and satellite, turning off the 5GHz band, and attempting to connect. However, this camera won’t and I am not sure if I am missing something. Any other device I connect during that time defaults to 2.4GHz, so the 5GHz radio is definitely turned off.

Any ideas?

We did a work around. We have the Wyze Cam Pan. We changed our Wifi router and extender with the Orbi. The Wyze won’t connect. So we used the extender and placed next to the Wyze. Setup the extender to the 2.4 through the Orbi and then the Wyze to the extender. Not getting the drops. Just did it last night and working. No conflicts or issues.

Okay, I have a new-ish Netgear Orbi Mesh system and so caused myself this problem. I haven’t tried the telnet solution yet. I wonder if anyone has tried this idea:

My Orbi admin advanced menus allow the SSID broadcast to be turned on or off, separately for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. So I wonder if just, temporarily, if I turn off the 5 GHz broadcast, making it effectively invisible to the camera (and maybe even cell phone) will everything connect ONLY to the correct, visible, 2.4 GHz channel? Or is there some risk things will mis-connect and I’ll be wrestling with an invisible problem?

if you are actually able to turn off the 5ghz band now you should be just fine once it is connected. this is actually a pretty common issue. some routers dont give you the option to turn off the 5ghz but broadcast them both on the same SSID :rage:

it can be quite frustrating. I would check your manual and see if you can turn off the 5ghz. at least temporarily