Help with circuit breaker wiring - clicking thermostat

I am trying to hook up the thermostat and instructions doesn’t seems to be very helpful. I hooked up thermostat wiring fine but when I went to the circuit board to install C adaptor, the cables in the app doesn’t match with what i have.
I have split unit. Swapping W and G was easy since only 1 wire but when i went to Yellow, i have 2 wires in Y2 and one big green wire in C (see attached). That’s where I was lost. The instructions says to remove Y that is coming from thermostat. I saw G, Y, R splitting from a cable and so followed that Y (assuming that’s from thermostat) and then left the other Y on Y2 (attached). I left green C cable as-is since there were no instructions to remove it and then in the second empty C terminal, i hooked up C from the provided adaptor. Once the turned on the unit, the thermostat started making clicking noise. I had to undo everything and install the old thermostat back. But, this time also unit didn’t start and turns out i blew the fuse. Finally reset it but I back to square one. I have attached wiring of circuit board and any advice will be appreciated. If not I’ll have to return the thermostat.

you sure u don’t have this blue wire at the thermostat? maybe wrapped around the cable?

Nope see attached

but did u check in the wall to make sure it wasn’t wrapped around the cable?

Why should it matter? It was not in thermostat before do why now. Is it required?

So you do not need the adaptor from Wyze.
Very simple, pull the wires out from the hole in the wall until you see the brown sheath.

Check if you see the blue wire. If you do. You connect it to “C”.
Double check at your furnace that the blue is going into the knob with big green wire

If you worry wrong installation, check with a HVAC techn.

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Yes, yes when i pulled brown sheath near the thermostat I see blue cable but I also see orange cable. Both blue and orange are not connected to any terminal. So, only W, Y, G, and R and connected. So, if I understand your instructions, I don’t need to do anything on the circuit board (no c adaptor needed) But, if connect blue to C then what about orange ?

yes, use the unused blue wire on the wyze tstat (connect it to C terminal), tell the app you have a C wire. It is already connected to C at the control board, and u wont need the adapter. The orange wire will stay unused.

I agree with Ken’s analysis. I had to do some similar troubleshooting when i did my install.