Help Us Develop Our Doorbell Camera!

Living in a rural area internet service is not as speedy. Like Wyze cams, allow a user to downgrade the video quality to match their internet speed. I was about to buy a Ring cam 2 but now I’m not concerned my internet service would not allow proper function.

This is a big ask and not sure if even possible given the closed environment of Alexa and google home speakers, but if there is a way to have either chime when the doorbell is pushed or motion detected it would be awesome! I am not 100% sure, but it seems the August doorbell is the only one that will work with either Alexa or google home to announce that someone is at the door. Ring only works with Alexa and Nest only works with google for chimes/announcements.

I love my Wyzecams. But I could no longer wait for a Wyze doorbell camera. I went ahead and got a Nest Hello and I love it. I love how on a doorbell press it instantly pops up showing who’s at the door on my Google displays throughout the house. My house has no doorbell so I thought I was out of luck when I read that it now works with an indoor power adapter. I didn’t pay retail price or taxes on my order. So it was a good deal too good to pass up. I’m sure Wyze will come out with a great doorbell camera but I couldn’t wait.

I also have the nest hello
It’s unfortunate about the subscription but from what I could see it’s the best option

I called Google Consultation Services and negotiated 6 months free 5 day for it and my new Google Nest Hub Max. That took some of the bite out of it. I will contact the rep in about 3 weeks in to the 30 day free trial. So that’s 7 months. Edit: For all of the features, I think $5 is reasonable. I will probably not renew the Google Nest Hub Max. I just need it to send notifications of any movement and what it captured.

Your lucky, in the UK there is no trial

Some wanted wireless and some wired, why not sell a bundle your own doorbell. Those who wanted a wireless doorbell should buy it with a battery pack and a chime while those who wanted a wired DB, they don’t need to pay for the extra cost of the batteries.

A wireless chime would also be great if it could have dual purpose, not only for doorbell but also for alarm/chime for contact and motion sensors that can be programmed independently to each sensor.

This will be a great security and automation system for the whole home.

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Whether or not the question is confusing, my answer is POWER the device via existing doorbell wiring, and COMMUNICATE with the device wirelessly .

Additionally, the wireless connection of my preference would be WiFi not Blue Tooth.

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Last thought for today:
Referencing : Wyze Button

The minimum usecase is a replacement doorbell “push button” switch, connected to the existing doorbell wiring, which (1) completes the circuit to ring the existing chimes, AND newly
(2) (acts like a contact sensor) triggers a notification in the Wyze environment.

I guess feature zero is that the switch component is voltage independent. Whatever voltage the old doorbell wires provide, the switch tolerates. The push button itself, like the motion sensor, I would expect to be on a battery.

A Wyze button would not send a picture of whoever is at the door. But I would get a notice that someone has announced presence at the location – even if I’m not in range to hear the chime. No stray notices as from a motion sensor.

There may be other uses for a combination powered switch and wireless button. When an actor physically trips the switch, send notice that:

The basement /porch lights are turned on, or not.
The ceiling / exhaust fans are STILL on (in an empty room?)
The electric fence has been armed.

Any remote activity beyond the reach of a current sensor, but powered by electric wires and controlled by a switch in the house – a gate at the end of the driveway, the well pump, lights at the shed … it would be nice to loop the remote components of the household into the network with “close” devices.

That may be your minimum use case but it fails to address the many of us who have existing doorbells in poor locations such as a perpendicular wall to the door. In my case, and the same case for the 450 plus houses in this community, your scenario would would do nothing but show me video of the persons back side, plus depending on angle of view it may only capture them from the shoulders or waist down unless they were a short person or child because my button is low due to a couple of steps coming to the doorway landing and about 4 ft forward of the doorway where people usually just stand and knock since they do not notice the button. To be useful in this minimum usecase, it would need to have a PIR trigger to capture them as the approach on the walkway or totally battery operated so it could be mounted directly on the door since the side casings are very narrow with a window to the lock side and no usable wall space on the hinge side. I don’t care if it rings a bell or not - most people use the brass knocker anyway since the bell button is inconvenient. But, I agree a button that triggers a notification would be helpful if it is not delayed, I’d just have to put a sticker near it saying to please press button on door.